November 23, 2010

Three Letters.

Here's just a little something creative I wrote today; I began with writing three different letters to three different people. Then I took lines from each of them and mixed them all together, creating something incredibly messy and untranslatable out of it...kind of like what the inside of my brain looks like on a daily basis.

You’re on my mind, and it’s not fair.
I don’t know where to start,
If your sweet eyes were starin’ right into mine,
I don't think I could finish this.
Your smile sets me on contagious fire,
Everyime you walk into the room.
Even though time has passed, I don’t think a thing has changed.
No, nothing’s changed.
I love the way you didn’t take no for an answer,
And I’ll never forget how all you ever did were the right things.
Your hands look perfect enough to hold,
There’s nothin’ wrong with me and my trailing mind.
You poured out your heart to me, and had me convinced.
So I gave in and let you in.
If it hurts too much to go back, then listen to my apology.
I’m sorry I hurt you, but I just wanted for you too know,
If our hearts got lost in this world,
I’d hope it’s yours I’d find.
It’s hard thinking of you these days, but oh it comes so easily.
Boy, you sure know how to make a girl feel special.
You picked me up when you said you would,
And as we took the dirt roads home, you said, “see you again?”
All I could do was wish it was him saying those words to me.
I ran inside and cried for hours on my bed.
You’re different from the last one,
Better in every single way.
But I guess all of that just wasn’t enough,
I guess I’ll never be as perfect as her and her pedestal.
It’s not fair to me; it’s not fair to you.
Here, I was staring at perfection and all I could think about was him.
And boy you always know the right thing to say.
So don’t be afraid to make your move,
Can’t you see me waiting?
Boy, I’ll be your ray of sunshine,
If you’ll be my lovin’ superman.

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  1. whoa. totally makes me wonder who you're writing about and to whom.. super random jenni face.