November 16, 2010


"I don't wear makeup, because I've never wanted for it to become my crutch. I don't want it to be the source of my beauty."

Wow. I honestly feel an incredible amount of pity for the girls who need to wear makeup in order to feel beautiful. No girl needs makeup to be beautiful, she already is.


  1. who said that?

    i don't wear makeup because it feels gross on my skin. like my pores are suffocating. and i never wanted to be the girl who looked better in make-up.

    Cody says he's so happy i don't wear makeup.

  2. one of my fellow peers said it! I was like, "wow...that's so true."

    And i'm glad you don't wear makeup, because you definitely don't need it. My goal one day is to feel absolutely 100% comfortable without it. Yikes..

    I like Cody. :)