October 6, 2010

A Day in the Life.

"Wow, it has sure been a long time since I've dusted off the old blog. For the sake of my family and close friends (and whoever else may be even slightly interested), I decided that I'm going to fill you in on what my daily schedule is like here at bible school in Germany. Here we go!
First, the appointed cow-bell ringer (its an obnoxious sound, but we remember not to shoot the messenger) goes through all the dorms and wakes us all up at 7:15. I get dressed in 15 minutes (easy as pie) and we all head to the dining hall for breakfast from 7:30-8:00. Each of us were given certain work duties that we do for 4 weeks, and then we all switch them up; some are granted cleaning floors, vegetable prep, scrubbing toilets (Heaven forbid I ever get that job!!!), and then there's me...dining hall vacuumer! I, believe it or not, along with a fellow man-friend, vacuum the dining all three times a day for 4 weeks. If my math is correct, this means I vacuum 84 times these four weeks, all adding up to 21 hours. WHAT AN HONOUR. My right bicep is gonna be bulging in no time!
Anyway, back to my exciting daily schedule. After I'm done my breakfast vacuuming duty, I have about 45 minutes to spare before lecture, so if I'm not socializing, then I'm reading my Bible or I'm walking down to the lake with my iPod. This morning the lake was coated with whispy fog and the 12 swans were disappearing one by one into this soft grey blanket. It was absolutely beautiful. It was probably the first time I had ever been alone since school started. (weirdly enough, I haven't been craving my alone-time nearly as much as I did last year. hmm...)
When 9 AM rolls around, all 108 of us sit ourselves down in the lecture hall. These lectures are awesome, that's all I'm gonna say. Oh wait, I guess I could include that during the morning lectures I'm extremely fatigued and always come very close to falling asleep. But it's all good.
At 10:10 we have a fifteen minute coffee break, which is when we all head into the Honeycomb for some coffee, tea, sandwiches, and fruit. (I LOVE FOOD) Then we have another lecture until 12:30, which is divided into two with a 5 minute break.
Lunch is at 12:30 in the dining hall. Which means that...you guessed it! Vacuuming time!! So from lunch time 'till 5:45 is free time. During this free time (frei zeit) I usually: bike to Friedrichshafen, shop at H&M, buy some Bounty Bar ice cream, bike some more, walk to Kaufland (supermarket), play volleyball, hang out in the Honeycomb, tan, go boating, jump in the lake, check my facebook for like a total of 5 seconds, read my Bible, and all of this includes being surrounded by incredibly awesome people.
After supper is finished, I vacuum AGAIN, for the last but not least time of the day. Then I usually play volleyball, or attend some kind of group meeting. We then have lectures from 7:15 till 9 PM, divided with a 10 minute break.
After lectures is either a) a super awesome & spontaneous sweaty dance party, b) a party in the sauna, c) jumping into the freezing cold lake, or d) owning people at Fuss-ball.
Then lights are out at 11 PM. Now, just imagine...what also takes place during this time, is me eating Crispy M&Ms, ice cream, and Bounty Bars any second I have free. I also STILL have a cold, how annoying. Oh, also imagine doing all of these daily activities with a dislocated rib. Yes folks, it's true, I'm pretty positive I have a dislocated rib. I was laying in bed one night, feeling my left rib, then my right rib, and then my left rib again. Talk about a huge difference. My left rib is definitely juttin' out or something. After I psoted my last blog entry titled "Cough" a friend emailed me and said that it could be worse than just a pulled muscle...in fact, it could be a dislocated rib. I googled it and sure enough, it's totally possible and the symptoms seem to match up. I'm too lazy/busy to figure out what I should do, but if one of you emails me and tells me that I have to go get surgery on it, then FORGET IT!!! I have zero pain tolerance. Plus, who dislocates their rib from coughing? Can you imagine how embarrassing that would be, waltzing into the hospital and having to exclaim "yeah, I'm just an intense cougher. No big deal." Sigh.

Oh, and I swear everyday someone comes up to me and is like "You have Taylor Swift hair!" And then I just melt. There's no greater compliment. Well...there is, but in all seriousness, it makes my day. (p.s- her new album comes out on the 25th!!)
Last week I hiked a Swiss Alp! I wanted to die meanwhile, but the view made it all so worth it. Like, wow. I will post pictures on facebook one day. One day...
Anyway, I left out a whole bunch of details, but that's OK. I'm just proud of myself for actually being able to sit down and write for a bit. I'm definitely behind on my Bible reading right now. I blame the amazing weather and the amazing people who are effortlessly skilled at distracting me.

This blog entry definitely does not portray my writing skill whatsoever, in fact I probably sound like I'm a little high-school girl writing her in diary about a boy. Ha haaaa.
Love you all, and good night! Hi Mom! :)


  1. Hi Girlie Girl!
    It sounds like a lot is going on, when do you find time to study or do homework?
    We're having fantastic weather too, along with some pesky mosquitoes.
    Well, the dishes are washed and it's time to sort paper, paper and more paper. I need a handy fire nearby.
    Love you - Mom

  2. Hurray! What fun you must be having!!!! I'm glad you get that awesome opportunity to vacuum the dining hall three times a day!!!! How wonderful! I hope your rib fixes itself soon!
    I am going to squeeze your love handles when you come home for christmas! I cannot wait!!!!!

  3. hahaha i will also squeeze your love handles when i see you at the airport in December.

    WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!! those germans are seriously KNIFE happy! you go to the doctor and they'll just cut you open as you walk through the door!! a guy had 2 ingrown hairs on his face and they OPERATED to get them out! that tells you how nutty those germans are..

    i had veggie duty, table setting duty, bathroom duty, vacuuming duty and dish washing duty. and then it was free time for the rest of it!!!! my favorite was dish washing! i did the big dishes. so fun. i worked with the best people. so much bubbles everywhere.

    i was going to give you more advice, but i forget.

    love love love

  4. Jen: The trick is, a dislocated rib is best fixed with a pipewrench and vise grip. So, at Christmas time I will meet you at the airport and we can fix it there or we can do it in the machine shed. No knives like those pesky german doktors, just simple tools, and the good thing is, the marks on your ribs heal before you are a grandmother. I love you, Dad

    Don't you love your Dad..... :)