September 11, 2010


I a loss for words right now. All I can say is that God exists, he is real, and miracles do happen. Today was a miracle. This summer was a miracle.

Worry: to torment oneself with, or suffer from disturbing thoughts. Also known as Anguish, Apprehension, Concern, Distress, Heartache, Pain, Torture, Woe...
All of these are such ugly words. And if there's something I've learnt this summer, it's that worrying is a complete waste of time. For all the days I spent buried in my fears, and all the nights I lay awake staining my pillow with tears and was all a waste of time. I wish I could take all of those minutes, those HOURS, add them all together, and get a good chunk of my life back. The bad news, is that you can't get it back; what's done is done. But the good news is that everything happens for a reason, and God's hand is in everything we do. It's as if everyday of my life God is telling me, "Honestly, don't worry about this. Don't even give it a second thought. Soon enough you'll see that what you're going through right now has a purpose and a reason for being. Just imagine how much you'll grow from this. Your smile will shine brighter than the stars, and you will feel love like you've never felt it before. Just wait and see. Just trust me."

I don't know what else I can say. God just has a way of making everything turn out. EVERYTHING. I can't even fathom it. I haven't felt this happy, or relaxed before bed in a long time.

We all live such incredible lives. Can you imagine the stories we could write? Ohhh can't you just picture the novels that are spinning and weaving inside our brains and souls at this very moment? One day I'm going to write a book. I don't know what it's all going to entail, or who, and although I could never write anything as exceptional as the stuff God writes, I do know that it's going to be great. It'll encourage, inspire, jerk tears, pull smiles, and honour God in so many ways.

On that note, I'd like to say thanks for reading. Over the past few days, I've gotten alot of encouraging emails, comments, and text messages regarding my previous worry-drenched blog entries. Your words mean the world to me.
Good night.


  1. ohh benny, You smell like sweet red plums and grilled chesse sandwiches.

    I'm glad its all over and you're stress free once again. I'll help you pack for Germany when i get home. There's a lot of stuff you won't need, and a lot of stuff you won't beable to live without.

    God is merciful and gracious. and will only give you what you can handle. and if He gives you more, its because He wants to help you. Ü

    I miss you and I can't wait to see you!!

  2. Thanks Krissy! You are wonderful!! Let's have a packing party :D