August 8, 2010


In regards to health and body, this past week has NOT been so swell.

If I created a visual pie chart of my daily events, 3/4 of it would be titled as "EATING". (did I really have to use a pie chart as my example? Really??)

If I had kept all of my receipts from this past week, ALL of them would include the words: chicken snack wrap x30, vanilla milkshake, cookies, cereal, chicken fingers, ice cream, french fries, and sour cream & onion chips. (could I get any healthier?)

If I took a photo of myself at this very moment, I could pass for being 3...No, make that 4 months pregnant --minus the sweet, angelic motherly glow.

I even sent out a text message looking something like this, "HOW COME ALL I EVER WANT TO DO IS EAT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING?!

So, thank you HORMONES for consuming my every thought and action. Thank you for demolishing my every hope and dream of fitting into my bridesmaid dress. See you next month.

And...I think I just lost all of my male readers.


  1. hey, you sent that text message to me!

  2. only because I knew you'd understand. :D