August 9, 2010

Eleven was just a phase.

I'm going through a box of old notes and diaries that were stashed in my closet, and man, I found some of my diary entries from as far back as 1999! Kids say the darndest things!

November 11 '1999
"Today is rememce Day. I feel kind of sad because lot's of people died because they fighted in the war and people steped on land mines."

Dec. 22 '1999
"Hi! You know what! Why would one of my friends like ____!! He isn't a very good kid in school. He teases people. Same with ____! He thinks he is so funny."

"Hi! It's me again. I have have some news! K**** likes me, I can tell because he is always pushing me and smiling at me. I always say to my frinds that I hate him but I really do like him. I mean, he's funny, he's cool, and all that."

"Do you know what happened once? Well, it was at lunch time at school and K**** was wrighting notes to me saying "you suck" and all that. Then a note said 'you suck' it was on a piece of paper shaped like a heart then I unfolded it. I say 'K****!!' Just when I'm hold up the heart. He says that he never new that was a heart. Bye!"

"Everytime when K**** is on our slides that me and Kayla are on, they push us off and they get the slides. Then we go close to them in the bush so they can see us then I say to my friends 'hey guys! ssssssssssss' then we fake laghfe so that M******'s little brother comes and we push him and he falls on the ground. Ha! Ha! Bye!"

"Hi! know what I really don't like K**** very much. Plus I'm way too young to have a boy. I mean he's cute and all but I just like him a bit."

June 11 '2000
"I need to tell you about todays Passions episode. Well first Tabatha and Timmy were drowning in the ocean because they were having a prom. I don't even know what that means or is! Anyways, there having a prom on a big ship and there was a big storm. And Teresa was having fun with Ethan, Grace fell out of the boat somehow. And Chairoty was killing Megal because Tabatha was controling her. Charioty had red eyes and was choking her boyfriend Megal. We don't really know if Megal died because they end the show at the good parts."

May 22 '2001
"Dear Diary, please keep this a seceret. It's about a dream that I had. It was so cool. I sat and ate lunch with Leonardo DiCaprio!"

June 1 '2001
"...Then we boarded the bus and were on our way back to school. You know what? I prayed to God for a safe trip and I got one! So I thanked him. I guess God really is real. I'm glad I can be in Heaven with him."

July '2001
"Dear Journal, I'm calling you a journal because you are one. Anyways, how's it going?"

May 6 '2002
"Dear Elijah Wood, I'm just praying and praying that I will get to meet you, but somehow there is no hope. But you're just so old, 21, and I'm only 11. How can I ever marry you? It's just really sad for me. You probably like someone else. There are millions of people who love you, but how can I be chosen out of all those people?"

Haha...Don't judge me.


  1. hahahahahhhahahhaah the passions entry was the best one because thats what the show was actually like!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. LOVE it!!!!!!! These are the best!!!! I remember some of my old diary entries. I think my first diary is in the cupboard with the cook books actually. It goes something like this. "dear diary, today andre was bad"


  3. I have never laughed so hard in my life.

    You are the definition of CUTE.