August 27, 2010


That's it!
When I return to University again next year, I'm taking an accounting class. It's official.
The reason being: I am terrible with money, and I am terrible with numbers.
It's as if money and numbers like to double-team up against me and make me feel inadequate.
I hate adding. I dislike subtracting. I can't divide for the life of me. And don't even get me started on multiplication. Mathematics will be the death of me.
I can't believe I actually passed pre-calculus in high school (and there were definitely NO flyin' colors involved there)!
Ask me to spell a word. Ask me to correct your grammar (because I will, whether you like it or not). Ask me to whip up a limerick. Ask me if "i" comes before "e" (unless after c)! Ask me to write you an essay, an article, a book, ANYTHING. Heck, I will even attempt to recite the alphabet backwards for you.
Letters are my friends. Words are my posse. Letters, words, and Jennifer go together like peas in a pod. Soul-mates, one might say.

There's no room in this clique for money and numbers.

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