July 29, 2010

Burning Questions.

I tend to live life full speed ahead.

I tend to focus on the future; and as much as I try, I'm never able to forget that tomorrow is right around the corner.

I tend to waste seconds, minutes, hours, days... because I'm too distracted thinking of what's to come next. I miss so many moments that could have been something, that could have been great.

So right now, refusing to kick the habit, I have been thinking about my life in a year's time, and a few burning questions are on my mind:

Where am I going to move?
Who will I be?
Will I still care about the same things I care about now?
Where will I go to school?
What are my career goals and why are they my career goals?


  1. you're going to move to Vancouver
    you will be Jenni Froese. not jennifer
    You'll care about more things, but you'll also care about less. but you'll care the most about me.
    you'll go to school at the arts academy and become a fashionista and design clothes.
    your career goals are to make people happy with your designs, because making people happy is good.

  2. haha Krissi, I liked your answers. Did you just watch Project Runway last night or what?!?! :D

  3. I will design clothes??? Bahah