April 19, 2010


Write a killer essay, write a killer essay, write a killer essay...

Tonight is my english exam, and for some reason I'm not even freaking out. Maybe because ever since I scored that A- on my English research paper, I feel like I have potential again in doing what I love. But the last thing I want to be is over confident--it likes to get me in trouble sometimes. But after tonight, I have THREE whole days until my next exam. What ever am I going to do?? Ha, just kidding. I have 3 exams to study for, plus a Fine Arts project to complete.

Last weekend was great. I finished reading a 300-page novel in less than two days, which is -don't laugh- pretty good for me. It was an amazing book too, called Obasan. I love the author's style of writing, all flowery and creative-like.

I also went to St. Arbucks with a few friends for a study sesh. (Starbucks, in case you didn't know) And to burn off that dreaded frappuccino, I've definitely starting working out again, which is a plus. Apparently nobody uses the women's gym at 8 in the morning...

The weather is b e a u t i f u l. It's terrible! Must it be so sunny when I'm in dire need to study?

I wore lipstick to the film festival the other day, it was fun.

Anyway, great things are happening. Well...except for the minor carpal tunnel that seems to be developing in my right wrist. I'm actually getting pretty paranoid already. Oh well,


  1. Good luck on your exams Jenni! I hope you do well! I'm sure you will. I have no doubts in my sweet innocent Jenni! I also hope that you haven't spent your life savings at St. Arbucks this year!!!

    love the lips.

  2. I read Obasan a few years ago! I remember liking it a lot... it's such a tragic story, but well-written.

    Good luck on all your exams and yeah, the weather is always the best when you can't go outside and enjoy it, it seems!

  3. you're gorgeous jenni. good luck on your exams!