March 19, 2010

Some more Mud.

This last week was a crazy one, that's for sure!

My school held this huge campus-wide event called Fort Week. Each dorm is their own team, and every evening we compete against each other to win the most points to see which dorm is the champion of all dorms.

The other night mine and three other dorms got numbered off. And when a certain number was called, let's say "five", then all the "fives" would have to dive into the pile of mud and wrestle for the cow tongue. (pink, squishy goodness) And for probably the second time in my life I felt a CRAZY intense emotion, called anger. This one chick kept beating on me!! (Haha, I'm actually laughing right now while I'm writing this.) So then I let her have it. My friends after told me that during this wrestling match my face was absolutely PRICELESS. I was actually angry. This was bittersweet; I loved experiencing the surge of energy this emotion gave me, BUT it also showed me that I take games a little too seriously and that I'm actually an ANGRY person capable of being ANGRY. Whoops...Haha. Good times though. Too bad nobody had a videocamera...

Oh and what's worse, is that if any dorms wanted more points, they had the opportunity to shave their heads. I know, it doesn't sound that bad, 'cause guys shave their heads all the time. But these were GIRLS. Soooo many girls shaved their hair off. I was just standing there in shock while the razor was goin'. Like what are they thinking?? But to be honest, most of these girls actually suited the shaved-head look. I could never shave my hair off, I couldn't even cut it. My hair is practically my boyfriend, we are inseparable, he is my everything.

So out of all the competitions, my dorm didn't do so well. Especially at the mud tug-of-war. (that was a gongshow haha) But none of us really cared, because we had FUN! :)

In a few hours is the Fort Week banquet. I'm super excited because I get to wear a dress! Thus, my legs must be revealed. So this morning I shaved my legs. Ughhh. It's honestly my least favorite thing to do. I felt like I was doing yoga in the shower. (Please ignore the imagery)

I just wanted to say thank you to those who read my blog, and for the support and concern. It's so very encouraging, and it helps get me through. I appreciate it so much!

Anyways, this was my room this morning (thank you, dear stress, for taking over my life):


  1. Jenni!!! Your room is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!! I remember, in Sundbo, during musical week, we didn't have any time to even think, so our rooms looked like that too... and we had a pile of laundry about as tall as our closets!!! Such fun memories!!! Maybe next christmas we should all have a cow-tongue-mud-fight in the snow!!! :)

    I love you lil' Jenners!

  2. yessssss!!! I'm the first one!!!!

  3. YOU BIG POO! I wanted to be first. messy life messy room. thats what my momma always said. i've always known you were capable of being angry. i've seen that angry face plenty of times. and if you're at all like anyone in this family, you will take games too seriously. look at lena during volley ball season or basketball. way to serious. or andre when he's losing a computer game. or me when i'm getting beat at the farmer game. haha. my room is clean. just a little cluttered. i love moving. haha yoga in the shower. thats so true. i also hate shaving my legs. it just takes so long and is so inconvenient.

  4. First off, I love what you've done with your room. The strategically placed laundry combination of what I can only assume being a mixture of clean/dirty take the college "shabby-chic" look to an all new level.

    Secondly, I would pay money to see you angry. I can't imagine it! But that being said, a little anger is good for the soul. It really is. Especially when you're wrestling for a cow tongue.