October 23, 2009

Shaded by a tree, Can't live up to a rose.

I don't feel like being a wet blanket, so I'll keep this brief...

Some girls just have it all, you know?
They hold the world in their hands. They have everything they've ever wanted.
They are so, so lucky.
And most of the time, they don't even know it.

I hate being bitter, and I hate being jealous.
This is one roller-coaster I don't enjoy, having my hopes so high, then crashing to the ground. Nah. It's not that fun.

It's just hard to look at myself in the mirror sometimes. And in conclusion, I can't help but ask, "is there something wrong with me?"


  1. Learning our worth and what defines it is such a process. As cliche as it may sound... God made you perfect for His Purpose. You are exactly who He wants you to be. You are His Bride. Reaching my arms to hug you across the country girlie. LOVE YOU and praying encouragement for you.

  2. I agree completely Jennifer.

    I think there is more than just 'something' wrong with me.

    But I can't think of a darned thing wrong with you. You're perfect! I cannot understand why guys are not huddling at your feet every day.

    Love you Jenni! <3

  3. Look at me, you are exquisite, you're timeless, you're the envy of your future sister-in-law Janice whom i overheard say at the last gown fitting Look at those thighs! I'd kill for Tracey's thighs!....but you have more than great thighs. You have the love of a man named Tom. A man who said to me when he walked into the dinner rehearsal said to me I cant believe she picked me. I cant believe I'm marrying the most wonderful woman i've ever met...and that not only tells me that this marriage of yours is gonna work, its gonna last FOREVER.

  4. Puddleglum getting the best of you again? ohhh jenni. the Grass is always greener. and even tho we hear this a lot, the girls everyone wants to be like have so, so, so, many problems of their own and wish they were like someone else too. everyone will always wish they were someone else because someone else always looks perfect. just goes to show we were created for perfection. and we will never reach perfection on this earth. :) and thats why God gives us the chance to learn who we are, so we can accept who we are and realize we are exactly the way we're supposed to be. every part of the body has a purpose. i looovee you! and i think you're pretty beautiful.

  5. I said it before, and I'll say it again.... "I'd kill for Tracey's thighs!!!!"

    I love you too! and second everything krissi said!