February 18, 2017

Fun Facts About Me!

Hey!! It's that time again, the time when I share with you some random, weird, funny, absurd, and quirky facts about me that make me who I am. I've done this a couple times before, so forgive me if I have shared the same facts twice over the years.

1. This isn't a very fun fact actually, but I'm gonna share it anyway. At my last trip to the eye doctor, I found out I had: Pinguecula. (A fun word to say, right?!) It's a raised yellow bump(s) on the whites of my eyes. They're caused from too much sun exposure--so apparently I went on one too many cruises and Florida vacations without wearing any sunglasses. It's super annoying because it actually stings and then the rest of my eye-whites get inflamed and therefore turn red. Yes, my eyes are always red and I hate it. Of course, I should count my blessings because there are worse health-issues that I could be stuck with, but it doesn't change the fact that this stinks. My eyes always feel so dry, as if my eyes haven't "slept" in days. So those of you who have beautiful white eye-whites, FEEL SPECIAL and know that I am jealous of you.

2. One of my greatest pet peeves is when people use the same word in a sentence twice. For example, "I'm feeling so many feelings". Gahhh. I'm cringing just typing that. Or "this stressful situation is causing me so much stress". Just please stop. 😫

3. High-strung, intense, fast-paced people bother me. Why are you expending SO much energy on such minuscule tasks?! Just take a breath and slow down before your inevitable-future-heart-attack catches up to you.

4. The moment I enter my apartment, before I do anything else, I change into either sweatpants, PJ pants, or depending on the temperature, shorts! There's no way I'd ever choose to lounge around in my jeans, dress pants, or work pants. That's not comfortable at all. (This is excluding if theres' company over.)

5. About a month before someone's birthday I say to myself, I should totally go out and buy them a nice card, write a touching personal sentiment, and drop it in the mail so it arrives a few days BEFORE their birthday so they know I'm always thinking of them and that they're a priority. One month later when their birthday rolls around...oops, I totally forgot to buy that card...uhhh I'll do it next year...

6. I'm addicted to chips. I eat chips every single day. In fact, I'm eating chips right now! I wanna say I go through two large bags a week. Sometimes I just eat chips for dinner and that's it. Don't tell my Mom hehehe... 🙈

7. I'd love to have a big family one day. I grew up with four older siblings (three after my brother passed), and I wouldn't change it for anything. I'd never want to have less siblings, if anything I wish I had MORE. I want for my future kids to have the same experience. Plus, Jarryd and I need lots of kids to visit us in the Menno-Home. 😂  So feel free to ask me again in ten years how the whole "having lots of kids" thing is going.

8. One of my goals for 2017 was to read the entire Harry Potter series (again). It's already mid February and I haven't even started. Actually, I don't even have the books in my possession! Should I just save myself from the prolonging failure and toss this goal in the trash?

9. If you were to take a look at my Youtube history you'd see the following: Bengal cats chirping, Jimmy Fallon interviews, people slipping on ice, Jaboody Dubs (informercial voiceovers), vehicles sliding on icy wintry roads, and cake tutorials.

10. This isn't really a "fun fact" about me, but I thought I should share it anyway! A few weeks ago I received a message on Instagram from Feedfeed (a huge foodie publication) telling me that my Strawberry Hand Pies photo is featured on their website! What a milestone. Click here to see!

11. Whenever I have dreams involving my family back home, they always take place on the farm I grew up on. I haven't stepped foot on my childhood farm in 7 years so that place must truly be engrained in my very soul for me to constantly dream about it. I'm fine with it, but I'll admit it makes me a little sad!

12. I'm not big into "gender reveal" parties. I don't see the point other than it being an excuse to have a big party and hang out with friends and family. Isn't it celebration enough that you're about to give birth to a beautiful baby, regardless of what gender it is?! And isn't having baby showers also enough? My intent isn't to slam anyone who has done a gender-reveal party or is planning on having one in the future, I'm just saying that personally I will most likely not be having one for my future pregnancy.

13. Home Improvement is one of the greatest shows EVER. Jarryd and I started from the beginning back in January and are now on season 3! It's ridiculous how much we understand now as married adults than when we were little kiddos.

14. I wish Hollywood award shows were solely about films and the celebration and acknowledgement of how much work actually goes into making movies. There's the scripts, set design, costumes, MUSIC, cast, the caterers, the location-scouters, special effects, and sooo much more. Movies are awesome and take an incredible amount of hands to put them together, so why at the award shows are they wasting time spewing out their personal opinions on current political affairs? Why not tell us about how many pounds of makeup they went through when filming _____ or how it took over 44 St. Bernard puppies to film Beethoven's 2nd because that breed grows insanely fast (that's a real fact)!

15. I forgot how much I like "The Fray". Besides an assortment of fantastic 80's hits, The Fray is all I've been listening to the past few weeks.

16. I've had long hair since I was in Grade 10, which was more than 10 years ago, and I don't plan on ever cutting it short again. I know, short hair is very "in" right now but I would cry everyday if I chopped my hair off. I love my long wavy hair--and I swear even when I'm a grandma I'm gonna have long hair. Haha!

17. I watched My Best Friend's Wedding last Saturday and was seriously in my happy place. I just love that movie, and the cast is fantastic. My bestie and I would watch that movie on repeat when we were like 10 years old and then reenact it with our Barbie dolls after. Haha! Funny, neither of us wanted to be Julia Roberts character though...probably because she was CRAZY.

18. I look through old photos all the time. When I say old photos I mean, MY old photos, not random black and white ones on Google Images. My iPhoto has over 36,000 photos (and that doesn't include all of the THOUSANDS of photos on my external harddrive taken before the age of 18)! I'm photograph-obsessed. I probably look through my old photos once a week. It's fun seeing faces that I totally forgot about and find myself wondering where they're at in life. Did that girl living down the hall in my dorm ever get over Michael Jacksons death? Does ____ miss our friendship as much as I do? I can't believe I wore THAT in public, I'm never gonna let my daughter wear something like that.
I also have videos too--lots and lots of videos and they're almost painful to watch because as I'm watching I become so immersed in them that when they end I suddenly remember I'm not that 18 year old girl in college anymore and actually I'm 26...and tired...and my feet hurt...and I'm a little older-looking. And then I'm a little sad. Ugh I miss those days! But I have to remind myself that those days weren't as good as my mind is tricking me to believe because I'm only remembering the good memories, not the bad. And trust me, there were some bad times.

19. It was in my psychology class in my first year of university where I learned about the "spotlight effect" and I realized that that's what I have. The "spotlight effect" is a tendency in thinking that people notice you more than they actually do in reality. I feel like I'm constantly being watched. It's not an arrogance issue, it's just that I'm in my own world/head alot and therefore think that others can also see my world...I suppose? I feel this way everywhere I go, even while I'm driving I always think that the person in the car beside me is staring me down, when in actuality they're not. Weird right?!

20. So, I'm not a person who regularly fantasizes about cars or motor vehicles in the least, in fact I don't know a thing about cars. But I do have a dream vehicle, and everytime I see it out on the road I'm like wow, I would look real good in that car, dropping my future kids off to soccer practice in that! It's...a white Range Rover. I don't even care what model it is because they're all just SO gorgeous! Right?! (And of course my dream car has to be ridiculously expensive. Sigh!)

Those are all the fun facts I have for you today! It's Friday and it's officially time to get the weekend started. Thanks for reading, friends!! 😘

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