March 24, 2016

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies--Perfected!

You guys--I kid you not, I have finally perfected these cookies!

"Baby, this is honestly the best you've ever made these cookies! They are PERFECT!" <---The exact words from my husbands mouth. (It's every wife's dream to be complimented by her husband on her cooking and baking, right ladies?!) After hearing those words I was insanely happy! :)

So yes, once again on an open Tuesday evening I decided to make my all-time favourite cookie recipe: Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies.
I make these little darlings at least once every 2 months (sometimes even once a month!), with the recipe doubled too. That's a whole 'lotta oatmeal!

These cookies were a huge part of my childhood, which probably explains my never-ending love for them. My Mom along with my two sisters and I would make these pretty frequently (sometimes together, other times separately). We always doubled the recipe, and always made them in a HUGE yellow bowl and mixed it all together with a big wooden spoon!

Those were obviously the days before everyone had a shiny Kitchenaid stand-mixer on their countertops. I, by the way, still do not have my Kitchenaid standmixer--but now that we have another full-time income, I see one arriving in the near future! (YAY!!) I just need to decide on the right colour that perfectly says "hello, and welcome to Jenny's kitchen). :)

Anyway, I find that these cookies are great for any occasion. For example, I like to eat them for breakfast or snack on during my commute to and from work. They're also great to pack into Jarryd's lunches to give him little delicious boosts of energy throughout the day.
Rather than just being cookies solely made up of sugar, these cookies have substance from the oatmeal and the--optional--nuts! Do you know what I mean?
And I already know what my avid blog followers are thinking right now, "Oh please! You already blogged about these cookies...". I know I did! I just haven't yet documented the process before quite like I did this time--as in, I took a TON of photos! (I was in a bit of an artsy foodie mood!)

Speaking of taking photos, everyday I am falling more and more in love with my Canon DSLR camera, mostly because this camera makes my cooking and baking look 10x better than my iPhone ever did. (If only I would have had this camera with me at culinary school, sigh!) Perhaps it makes my food look better than it actually tastes in real life? (Hmm...something to think about...)

With that said, are you ready to take off on this Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie baking adventure with me? Here we goooooo! :)
 A very good/GREAT thing to do when you're about to execute a recipe is to set up your Mise En Place (also known as gathering your ingredients and "putting them into place"). Check out that scrumptious mountain of butter!
 To create the perfect Mise En Place, you need bowls of all sizes. Normally when I'm doubling or even tripling a recipe I like to use my medium to large sized stainless steel bowls. But with this cookie recipe, I decided NOT double it and keep it as it is. These little glass bowls from DollarTree are PERFECT for smaller-sized recipes! (By the way, I spent a grand total of $2.00 for all 7 of these bowls! I highly recommend you do the same!)
Oatmeal, brown sugar, MINI chocolate chips (I used my sister's advice and used the mini this time--I will definitely continue to keep using the mini ones!), butter, eggs, butter, walnuts, extra vanilla, white sugar, extra salt, oh and more butter!
Just a close up of all the delicious goodness.
This super cute measuring spoon set was a Christmas present from my sister a few years ago. I think after she found out I wanted to start attending Culinary school she showed her support by buying my these. I LOVE them! They're made of (not from) china, and they look too pretty to use, but the secrets out-I actually DO use them!
Mixin' all the Mise en Place together as if it never truly existed... ;)
The signature cookie dough has been created!
A little macro-love for my macro-lovers out there. Mmm!
Can you tell I love those measuring spoons yet? Also, I bought a brand new baking sheet, which you can see in the photo above. I am SO glad I bought it because my old two baking sheets were just the worst. About a minute after going in the oven, they would instantly warp, and they were covered in black stuff that I just could not scrub off! They were just incredibly flimsy and not good quality at all. This new baking sheet on the other hand, is sturdy as can be, and baked the cookies so evenly! (Surprisingly it was only $8.00!)
I already said this in my previous Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie blog post, but this cookie scoop is one of the best kitchen gadgets I've ever purchased. For. Real. It makes the scooping of cookie dough WAY less messy...more like not messy at all. And you're left with the most perfect and uniform sized/shape cookie dough balls. I can't even say it enough how much I love having a cookie scoop.
A close up of the dough--you can see the walnuts and chocolate so clearly. ;)
And after a short 14 minutes in the oven...
This is making me hungry.
The kitchen looks clean in the photo, but believe me, all the mess was on the kitchen island. ;)
After taking them out of the oven, you never think that they're actually done baking because they don't quite look it. But the trick is to let them set on the sheet, on the counter for 5 minutes after you take them out. THEN move them onto a cooling rack.
Here is my cooling rack. :)

Friends, we have reached the end of our cookie baking adventure! It was fun, wasn't it? :) I hope I inspired you to make some of your own cookies--and if not, I hope I at least inspired you to eat some cookies. And if not that, I hope I at least inspired you to eat, eat something, anything!! Because food is the best!
OH! And I almost forgot--you can find the recipe HERE on To be honest, I don't follow the recipe exactly as I have my own secret variation of course. ;)

I seriously encourage you to make some of these cookies! They're SO delicious and so easy to make. (I'm pretty sure even Jarryd could make these on his own, yes, even Jarryd!) If you do end up making them, let me know how they turned out! I would love to hear about it! <3

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  1. Yay! You took my advice again! This must be some sort of record.. Mini Chocolate chips are the best! I load them up in my icecream. I'm glad you still like AND ACTUALLY USE your measuring spoons. I was hoping you'd use them and not just decorate with them. Anthropology for the win!