October 7, 2015

Layover in the Twin Cities.

Ahh airports, I have always loved airports.

Ok that is a total lie.

Clearly I have been repressing my childhood memories of getting overactive butterflies in my stomach any time I would even step foot into an airport. Not to mention the extreme nausea inside of an airplane.

Nonetheless, that was then and this is now. My fear of airline terminals has long subsided and now when I step into an airport I feel nothing but excitement.
It is quarter to seven (PM) and I'm sitting in the Minneapolis International Airport, in Minnesota.

I'm drinking my liquid version of my saving grace, Starbucks, and reading my shiny brand new book, Why Not Me? to fulfill my craving for comedic and raw literature. Obviously I ripped the jacket off of the book because we can all agree that book jackets are insufferably irritating, yes?

Just the fact that I am presently in the state of Minnesota is just so grand! Firstly, I love this state. I've been to it many times! I have the fondest of memories road tripping to Valley Fair with my siblings, and camping with my cousins in their camper. And let's not forget how great the Minnesota Wild is!

But most of all, this moment is so crazy because I am literally a six hour drive from my hometown. SIX HOURS! I haven't been this close to my Canadian home in a year and four months. It's both and amazing yet surreal feeling. It hasn't quite hit me yet that in just a few days I will be back there, seeing all of my friends and family once again.

And it  hasn't quite hit me that in less than four hours I will be hugging my second oldest sister and brotherinlaw. How amazing will that be?!

I have missed my Canadian home so so much. A part of me is scared I'm never gonna want to come back to my Maryland home. Haha! But don't worry, I left my hubby behind and I could never leave him for longer than I already am, I honestly miss him already! *blush*

This may just be the best Thanksgiving yet! :)

See you on the almost-frozen Canadian soil!

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