September 4, 2015

Our New Home Tour (Apartment #2)

After a month of dwelling in our new apartment, it is finally time to share some photos of the place that I just loooove to come home to! <3

Selfie with our new apartment in the back! :)
For those of you who don't know, Jarryd and I's very first apartment was an above-garage, privately owned apartment. When we signed the lease and moved in after we got married in June of 2014, we were THRILLED to move in. Finally a place of our very own! We were very thankful to God for providing us a home with cheap rent, which suited our needs perfectly within a season of endless job hunting and a humble lifestyle of one income.

What we have learned is that your newlywed home is a fantastic time to realize what you want and DON'T want in your next home. It's not like you intentionally scope out your apartment and make a list of things you absolutely despise. It is something you realize as the weeks turn into months. Certain experiences just begin to build up and build up and eventually you just cannot take it anymore. You NEED to move out. A few prime examples for us was the poor insulation, torn window screens, and the endless stream of bugs. Oh my goodness, just writing out that previous sentence gets me all riled up.

So anyway, enough about that old place. By the grace of God, we were able to find the perfect apartment for us:
  • Closer to both of our work places.
  • Brand-spankin'-new. Built this year (January 2015)!
  • Quiet area surrounded by lots of trees.
  • Super close to so many shops and restaurants (although, still too far from Target, in my books).
  • An awesome management landlord team. (We all know how important that is!)
  • Brand new, energy-efficient appliances, and central air. (This is a HUGE deal)!!
  • Friendly neighbours.
  • Breezeway entries.
  • Our apartment is on the second floor, which honestly was a deal-breaker for me. You couldn't pay me to live in the first floor of an apartment complex.
With that said, it's time for the big reveal! Forewarning: the photos that I am about to show you were taken in the second week of August, when we had literally just finished unpacking, putting things in their rightful places, and making it look squeaky clean! So furniture and decor-wise, the photos will portray the bare minimum of what we own. (So prepare to see alot of clean, white walls, haha)!
But now, almost a month later we have added a few things here and there, which actually have made a huge difference; and I cannot wait to show you those updates one of these days (not today).

But for now, here we goooooo:
Here is our humble entrance (the middle door is our front door).
When you open the door to the left of our front door, you will find our laundry closet! Since this photo we have bought ourselves a washer for only $299, brand new too!
To the right of our front door, is our coat closet. YES. A coat closet. To me, there's nothing worse than having all of your gross, dirty shoes on display. I am more than happy to hide them away here. :)
The grand view of the kitchen.
I love our new kitchen, so much. It has plenty of counter space, cabinet storage, and having an island is great. And yes, that office chair is a makeshift bar stool, for now. :P
Our little coffee corner, as I like to call it. Unfortunately, the mechanical closet to the right blocks alot of the natural sunlight coming in, so it gets a little dark at times. 
Here is what it looks like when the sun has set and the kitchen lights need to be turned on. Also, new placemats are perfect for an island!

My FAVOURITE FAVOURITE FAVOURITE part of our kitchen, an actual dishwasher. When we moved in, Jarryd said "Yay! Now we have two dishwashers!" *looks at me* How does he get away with comments like that? :P But for real, having a dishwasher has changed my life. 
A different view. Also, our sink has a garburator which I love. It's not only practical, but it's fun to use too!
There's alotta love goin' on in this kitchen. :)
Butter dish, sugar bowl, and salt & pepper shakers. Some of my favourite little knicky-knackers.

The wooden white organizer I bought at Home Goods, and it's sooo handy. It's the perfect place to put all of our mail, pens, keys, and apparently wine corks? 
A larger view of the main room.
Our living room! I can't wait to show you the updated version!
A nice, big window. :) 
As you can see, I love my Tiffany blue.
Our makeshift tv stand. And yes, I am watching Property Brothers. We just got cable so I'm practically glued to HGTV. (His hair is awful, right?) 
Little knick knacks.
So many books and frames with nowhere to go at the time. It was quite an eye sore.  
Artwork that Jarryd surprisingly loved.
Here is the view from our living room window. One of my favourite things is how much of the sky we can see from our place. It definitely has an open feel to it. It also helps that the buildings are beautiful!
Here is our guest bathroom! I would call it a "Powder Room", but it actually has a shower tub! It's placed right next to the guest bedroom, which is fantastic for our future guests to enjoy. :) 
My collection of hotel shampoos, body washes, and conditioners. :) Something I love about having two bathrooms is that the guest bathroom is ALWAYS clean, and when you have unexpected company you don't have to stress about how dirty the bathroom might be. 
The guest bedroom! At the time this room was a total chaos, but now I have it all organized and it's ready for a bed! :) 
The guest bedroom features a huuuuge closet! Bonus!! Finally somewhere to put all of our suitcases.
Our bedroom. I am just in love with this room. I bought brand new bedding (comforter set from Kmart for $48, and sheet set from Target). The sheets are my dream Tiffany blue colour!! And this room is just sooo bright, I love it!
So cozy :)
Bedside table with new lamps from Target.

I'm a huge fan of having wedding photos beside the bed.
The view into our ensuite bathroom and walk-in closet.
Our walk-in closet. It has never been a main priority for me to have a walk-in closet, I'd much rather have other things. But I gotta say, it's quite nice to have all of this space.
So many colours and patterns.
Our bathroom. It is such a luxury to have a sink with cabinet storage underneath. Finally, a place for all of the cleaning products, toilet paper, hair products, ect.
Yeah...this photo is a month old and even now this situation is still going on! I just don't know where to put it! 
And our shower tub!
I hope you enjoyed this photo tour, and we would looooove to have you stay with us in our guest bedroom! :)

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  1. count me in!!! I love your space and can't wait to see your updated pictures!