September 10, 2015

A New Normal.

Good morning, friends!
I am writing to you at 10 AM. That is right, 10:00 in theeee morning. Two weeks ago this early in the day I was in the midst of my deepest sleep. But now, as Jarryd and I are going through some job/schedule changes, my wakeup is 6 AM.

The absolute worst part about getting up this early is that throughout the day I'll go through these hour long periods of total exhaustion. I'll sit on the couch in the oddest of positions and won't be able to move because my mind is in a fog and I can't think straight.
I really have to go to the bathroom...I need to get up NOW....nah....I think I'll just lie here for another hour or so and suffer.

The absolute best part about getting up this early is the morning news and talkshows on TV. I was seriously missing out on life before. I thoroughly enjoy drinking my creme brûlée coffee whilst listening to Rachael Ray yelling at her audience (in a fashion that only Rachael Ray can pull off) and the six, yes SIX, ladies of The View bickering at one another.

Do they really need six co-hosts? I mean, is it necessary? Although, I am super thrilled with the two newest co-hosts who are both believers in the Lord. Firstly, I am a huuuuge fan of Candace Cameron Bure. She is like super mom to me; confession, I am even a subscriber to her daughters Youtube channel. I am all about the Bure family. :P

Secondly, on yesterday's show Paula Faris explained what it meant to be a Born-Again Believer and she totally nailed it. It makes me so happy to see these two strong Christian women standing up for their beliefs on national television.

Anyway, in a week my work schedule will be changing from 3pm-8pm back to a 6am-2pm schedule. Lord, help me. For most, these are the dream hours; for me, not so much. At work what happens from 6-2 is that I have to prepare both breakfast and lunch, not to mention prepping ingredients for the next day's meals. It's so stressful and I'm not really looking forward to it. I mean, it's unfortunate because in general my least favourite meal of the day is breakfast, so it's hard putting love into a meal that I don't actually enjoy as much as the others.

BUT the upside to this schedule change is that Jarryd and I will have our evenings free. Meaning, we can actually make plans with anyone and everyone of whom we choose. I think this will make my new work schedule all worth it in the end. :)

Gotta go, it's time for The View.


  1. yay!! date night instead of date day!!

  2. look at you staring at your perfect blueberry muffin. I hope you took a big bite out of it!!!