June 3, 2012


I realized this; when I'm stressed, I eat.
When I'm sad, I lose all sense of appetite.
When I'm happy, boy do I EVER eat!

Last winter, I lost 15 pounds...and I think it was so easy for me to lose all that weight because I was sad. I was going through a really difficult time and the last thing I wanted to do was eat. Frankly, regardless of my weight loss success I had there at that college, I never want to go back.

Today, 6 months later I'm pretty sure I've gained all 15 of those pounds back because a) I was stressed for an entire month of having no employment hope, and b) I'm just SO happy!! I'm living with two amazing girls in a wonderful condo, my boyfriend is out, I finally landed a job (almost two!), I get to see my friends and family all the time, and SUMMER is almost here!!! I love where I'm at. I love being home!

Sigh, oh how I love food.

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