December 26, 2011

Home For Christmas.

Wow. It is half past midnight and Christmas Day has already come and gone. It's funny actually--every year until this one, I have always dreaded the day-after-Christmas. I would just drown in sadness that all the anticipation for Christmas had just officially ended: no more Christmas music, no more lights, movies, gatherings, presents, or Christmas food.

But this time around, this Christmas 2011, things are different. Being busy in school with six exams and papers all throughout the month of December, I never even had time to think about Christmas. Sad, I know. I couldn't let myself think about Christmas! If I did, then I would have lost all motivation to study and finish my semester strong! (So yes, I am definitely that girl who finishes her Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve). The moment I left my dorm room and arrived home seven hours later was when it finally began to feel like Christmas, and that's when I just "went to town" with it!

Christmas Day is over, but I'm not sad at all! In fact, I feel like all the festivities have just begun! Over the next few weeks of Christmas break I have plans of family gatherings, attending my home church, visiting with old & good friends, and just enjoying time with family.
I have missed home...alot. It has been a tough semester in all areas, and I know that the only reason I made it through was because of God. I'm really grateful for this college I'm going to, but I realize that I need to be more grateful...

God has brought two girls into my life there who have been my angels through all of this, and I am so excited to see them again in January!! We do everything together, from studying for Anthropology and History, praying together, working out together, eating tuna together, and watching "awkward-romantic-comedies" together. I love them. :)

Another blessing is that my boyfriend and I attend school here together. The fact that we applied separately while just in the beginning of our relationship is a total God-thing, because we originally live far apart, in different countries. It's like God completely opened the door for us to grow in our relationship at this school and I am totally grateful for this. AND our one-year anniversary is approaching quick and I'm so excited!! :)

Also, have I mentioned the AMAZING weather we have had so far? Today is December 26th and it is plus 6 outside right now. I LOVE IT! And even while I have been at school the winter weather has been so mild, and it definitely makes me a happier person. Haha. Although people keep telling me that January and February are going to be the cold months...hope not!

I am also really happy to have a different major right now. I have switched from Humanities to Christian Ministry (Family Studies & Missions) with a minor in Psychology, and I am now taking classes I am interested in! Ironically enough, English class, my favourite & forte in high school is now my least favourite and definitely NOT my forte in college. What happened? I don't know. What am I going to do with this new major? I have no idea. Although Focus on the Family is still in the back of my mind...

This has been a great Christmas break so far and everyday I am here with my friends and family I am reminded how blessed I am! Am I excited to go back to school in January? No, not at all...but maybe by the time January 8th rolls around I'll be ready for it. Sigh. Last year was so different. I was missing my Bible school the minute I stepped on the plane leaving Frankfurt to go back to Canada for Christmas Break; I just loved going to school in Germany!! But now, I don't miss my school in Saskatchewan at all and I am praying for joy and the strength to endure there. On the upside, I like it much better than I did when I came home for Reading Break in mid-October! Back then it took ALL my strength to return, but now, it won't take much strength at all.

Anyway, I'd better stop before I get any more off topic here. Merry Christmas and don't forget the reason for the season: Jesus' Birth. Happy Birthday Jesus! :)

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