December 14, 2011

For The Blessing Jar...

December at college has been really great. I have successfully finished all of my assignments and papers, have participated in a whole bunch of fun social events, and even got to spend time with my parents who came out to visit! Such a blessing!

Last night I even had a chance to go on a date with my man! :)
And this morning, I wrote my first exam out of six! I thank God because my recall was excellent, and I feel like I did pretty well! But even if I didn't do well, I'd still thank God. :)

I have five more exams but I'm not stressed out at all. Two years ago, I was FREAKING OUT at exam time. My life looked somewhat like this picture:

But now, I think that I just have my priorities straight. My life will not be over if I don't get above 90% on an exam. My relationship with God is way more important than a bunch of silly markings on a paper.

Today I stumbled upon a CD my Mom and I used to constantly listen to, when I was much younger, and somehow I still remember all of the songs. It's called EXODUS and it's awesome!
You can listen to it here: Exodus!

One more week until I go home for Christmas! :)

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