November 18, 2011

Caramel Dip.

It has been a grand weekend so far. Last night my roomies and I decorated our room for Christmas. The fridge looks like a giant Christmas present, complete with a giant red bow. Above the sink are red, white, and green candy canes hanging. Sparkly garland laces the windows and each handle of the kitchen cupboards. And best of all, we put up a miniature PINK Christmas tree. I am such a female. :)

I woke up and did some devotions. Revelation is such a sensational book of the Bible! I need to take a class on it or something. It's frightening, exciting, and a reminder that in the end, God WINS.

I then trekked through the blizzard to the gym for the -cue the drum roll- SECOND time this semester. I feel super good right now! I was the only one in there (but how surprising is that? I mean, who really wants to walk through a deathly blizzard just to get sweaty in the end?) so I tried out some machines. I worked my arms, and then rowed on the rowing machine for 2000 miles! (sounds extravagant, doesn't it?) Then I went on the beloved treadmill; it reminded me of all the times I ran this summer. I was so diligent about running back then. I miss the endorphins and the freedom that came along with it. Sigh. I can't wait until the summer comes around again.

And now I am here, in the library with my apple slices and caramel dip. It's definitely not a paper-writing kind of day. It's a cozy-up-to-the-fireplace-and-read-a-Nicholas-Sparks-novel kinda day. But I think I'll just have to settle for the paper-writing, since a) I don't own a fireplace, and b) I didn't bring any of my Nicholas Sparks to college with me.

Call me a 13-year-old girl, but tonight I am seeing Twilight: Breaking Dawn on its opening night. Call me a 13-year-old girl, but I am excited. Haha.

If you haven't already, listen to "The Middle" by American Idol winner -country singer- Lauren Alaina. It is on repeat. :)

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  1. haha I know! I've been to the uni gym three times! 3! :( BUT my grandparents just bought a treadmill so crossing my fingers.

    Enjoy Twilight!