October 6, 2011


So true. This is something I have definitely learned within this past month here at college. I have also stumbled upon the realization that God may be using me to work in somebody's life at this very moment. And the crazy this is, is that I may not even know it!

Looking back over the course of my life, I can instantly list all of the people who changed my life for the better; but I am not able to list all the lives of the people I have changed (or if I even have at all, for that matter). And I think this ignorance is a beautiful thing. Yes, it's encouraging to know that you have blessed somebody, but I know that if I was aware of my positive impact in people's lives then it would go straight to my head. And I deal enough with pride as it is! (that's a whole 'nother blog entry by itself!) Anyway, back to the whole purpose of this...

It is my new prayer that I would be open and obedient to God, so that He may use me to reach someone else. That's all I want! Is to be used! I cannot inspire, encourage, or change lives with my own strength. Only by God can this be done. He will always give me the courage, He will always give me the words to say, and He will always act in His own perfect timing!

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