October 27, 2011

Going Back.

I am at home for reading week and I head back to college this Saturday night. It is going to take me every ounce of motivation to get back in that car and drive back because I just...am not all too thrilled about it.

I keep having nightmares about being back at college too. I don't know what it all means. I have never been one to think that dreams had much meaning, but all of this just worries me.

I am not sure if it is the place for me; I'm still trying to decipher it. But I'm going to stick it out, trust God in His plans for me, and listen for His voice and see what He wants me to do. Because even if this is the last place I want to be, maybe it is the very first place God needs me to be.

I do think there's a reason why I am there...I'm just trying to figure that out still.

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