August 2, 2011

Five Years.

This evening as we were sittin' around the fire, my Dad asked me..."who do you want to be in five years? What do you see yourself doing?"

I thought to myself...and then answered:

"I see myself with a degree from college, and a really good job that's not necessarily high paying, but one that I absolutely love!"

Yes. That's exactly what I see and it's exactly what I want. I mean, it's what I've wanted since I was in grade 8. It's this that I'm confident in. But there's one fine fact that I'm not confident in; I don't know what degree I want from college, and I don't know what so-called "really good job" I want. I have ideas, but still, I have NO idea.

The other day I found a little fill-in-the-blank notebook I had from when I was nine years young, and one of the questions was the ol' famous, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" My answer was: an author. It's absolutely crazy because at nine years of age I KNEW I had a certain desire for this, and now, eleven years later I STILL feel the same way. I still have that desire to write my heart away. But besides this blog, I've been suffering from a severe case of writer's block. Which is part of the reason as to why I have this that I'm at least writing something and using my talents somehow.

I can't promise that I'm going to write a book one day, that I'll be an author, or that I'll even be writing anything in regards to what my future career requires of me. But I can promise this: that whatever I do, I want my faith in God to be a part of it, and I want my whole heart to be a part of it.

Baby steps, that's what I need to do. I also need to engrave Jeremiah 29:11 into the walls of my brain until it hurts.
And now I am moving onto step one, which is to go back to college in September...
I'll let you know what happens next. :)

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