July 10, 2011


"I cast all my cares upon You,
I lay all of my burdens down at Your feet,
and anytime I don't know what to do,
I will cast all my cares upon You."

Many times I'm afraid to go to God, and many times I believe that it's a pride issue. I hold a selfish confidence in myself that whatever I happen to be dealing with at the time, it's something that I can handle myself. "God, you know that I love you, but I just want to leave you out of this issue. I can do it on my own, I promise."

These last few days I've been letting go of this pride issue, and I've been going to God with everything on my heart. Countless times in the Bible it tells us to "cast our cares upon Jesus" because He cares for us. Hiding from Him is like telling Him, "I do not need you, because I don't believe that you can help me." Can you imagine telling one of your best friends that? I can't. Therefore, how could I ever tell Jesus that?

God already knows whats on our hearts, He knows our every thought, but He still wants us to depend on Him for everything. And since He knows everything, it's important to be honest. Sometimes I tell Him, "God, I really just don't feel like talking to you right now because I am so frustrated and am too hurt to talk. The last thing I feel like doing is reading my Bible." I find that the more honest I am, the easier it is for me to open up.

Truth is, every time I cast my cares upon Jesus, I feel better. I feel like a huge burden is lifted from me because I don't feel alone anymore. I have somebody to help me through it all, somebody who understands me completely...I always will.

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