April 18, 2011

Life in Pause?

If my life is a movie, then today the "pause" button was pushed. I was sick and for a good seven hours I did the following: drank a glass of milk, lay on the couch, sat on the couch, put on a sweater, took off my sweater, heated up a plate of lasagna, ate a quarter of that lasagna, filled up my pink fuzzy hot water bottle and hugged it for all seven hours, watched an episode of Gilmore Girls, drank a cup of green tea, watched two more episodes of Gilmore Girls, drank another cup of green tea, put my flannel sweater back on, moved to my bed, still hugged my hot water bottle, almost shed a "self-pity tear", wrote in my journal, ate an orange, talked with my sister on the phone, read a book, tried to nap...that failed, got out of my bed, drank another cup of green tea...and here I am now!

Before all of this awesomeness-of-a-day occured, I was struggling with the issue of feeling lazy. I do not have a job, and I am not in school; therefore, I feel like I am useless. Therefore, I feel like my life is on pause because I'm simply not doing anything. But the thing is, is that my life isn't on pause. Time is still ticking and God is still working. For instance, every single day of my life is a gift from God, and I can glorify Him by showing His love to others. I don't want to think of this day as a "waste of time" I want to think of it as a precious gift.
I struggle with the issue of feeling guilty for not having a job, or for not being in school. It makes me feel like I'm not talented, or productive; it makes me feel like I'm just wasting my life away. But with much prayer, God is letting it slowly sink in that I'm not who I am because of my talents or accomplishments. I'm not special because of what I've DONE, I'm special because of who I AM.
So what am I? What is our identity in Christ?

1 Peter 2:4 states that we are "...a living stone rejected by men, but in the sight of God: Chosen and Precious."

John 1:12 states that "...all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God."

According to Matthew 5:14 we are "the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden."

And my favorite verse Hebrew 13:5 tells us that God will "NEVER leave you or forsake you." We are never alone.

To whoever's reading, I hope this encouraged you as much as it encouraged me. God is good, and on our so-called paused-sick days he is STILL good.

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  1. Hey Jenners!!! As much as I tease you about dollarama, I don't think you're lazy! You have such a great opportunity to pursue things that you normally couldnt because you were too busy with work or school! You could scrapbook, take pictures, edit pictures, start a bible study, paint, play the piano, read up on something that interests you... :D
    Make the most of this time, because before you know it you will be back in school wishing you had more time! :D
    Love you!