December 7, 2010


"Everything on earth has its own time and its own season.
There is a time for birth and death, planting and reaping,
for killing and healing, destroying and building,
for crying and laughing, weeping and dancing,
for throwing stones and gathering stones,
embracing and parting.
There is a time for finding and losing, keeping and giving,
for tearing and sewing, listening and speaking.
There is also a time for love and hate, for war and peace."

"God makes everything happen at the right time. Yet none of us can ever fully understand all he has done, and he puts questions in our minds about the past and the future."

"Nothing on earth is more beautiful than the morning sun. Even if you live to a ripe old age, you should try to enjoy each day, because darkness will come and will last a long time. Nothing makes sense."

"Be cheerful and enjoy life while you are young! Do what you want and find pleasure in what you see. BUT, don't forget that God will judge you for everything you do."

"Rid yourself of all worry and pain, because the wonderful moments of youth quickly disappear."

The verses above all come from the chapter of Ecclesiastes in the Bible. To be honest, I have had alot of trouble concentrating during lecture time. Lately my mind is just heavy. Sigh sigh sigh, that's all I can do. Anyway, with this lack of concentration, I decided to read through the book of Ecclesiastes and...I fell in love. I have finally found a book of the Bible that I just want to read over and over again. The author doesn't just fill the pages with words of condemnation to the sinners of the world; rather, the author speaks of his own life and shares with us his many struggles in trying to find out the meaning of life. Thankfully enough, a conclusion is reached: "Everything you were taught can be put into a few words: Respect and obey God; this is what life is all about. God will judge everything we do, even what is done in secret, whether good or bad."

If I could, I would type out the whole book and post it as an entry. Hmm...maybe I should? Ha. But I do strongly encourage you to read through it.

Many things are going on right now: My little white macbook is no longer functioning, since water has been spilt on it. So these days I have to use the school' massive desktop computers, all the while wondering if ALL my pictures, music, and documents have been destroyed from my macbook's memory. Sigh sigh sigh. At least Christmas is around the corner...
As for school assignments, I have to more papers to write, and one more Bible verse memory test. With my laptop being done-zo, who knows if completing these papers will be possible.
A few weekends ago, I did Outreach, singing and hanging out with 38 German-speaking fourteen-year-olds. That was a growing experience, definitely. And I am glad I did it, definitely.
Last Sunday afternoon we had a Christmas party. This involved decorating thousands of sugar cookies with oodles of frosting and differint colored icing. Let's just say I did more eating than decorating... Then Sunday night my K-group and I indulged in American pancakes, along with Aunt Jemima, while wearing our pajamas, and playing stressful games.
Last night the whole entire school split into groups of 7-ish and went caroling around the whole town. Each group was given a specific street, a bucket of homemade cookies, calendars, and invites to our Christmas Concert night to hand out to each house. To my surprise and amazement, the people at every single house were extremely nice. Before we left to sing, we were under the impression and doors would be slammed and noses would be lifted, but we were blessed with smiles and an offer of Schnopps and 10 Euros. (Haha--don't worry, we accepted of the latter) Then when we arrived back at the school soaking wet and cold, (did I mentioned it rained the whole entire night, while there was snow on the ground? Talk about slush-filled streets, but an angel gave me an umbrella so I was completely dry. Hee hee.) the school cooks prepared hot bowls of stew for us. How wonderful!
Tomorrow evening the whole school is heading into Friedrichshafen to do some more singing at the Christmas market. I am super excited because apparently these Christmas markets are AWESOME.
Saturday evening is the school's Christmas concert, which I am performing a song for with 3 of my close friends. I don't want to brag or anything, but these people I am performing with are so incredibly talented with their voices, their violin, and their piano. Oh man. The song is called "Here With Us" by Joy Williams. Let me know if you've heard it before, 'cause it is absolutely beautiful!
Then Sunday my Outreach team is performing at a Sunday-morning church service! How exciting. Then Sunday evening we're having Christmas dinner with our K-groups!!
Then after our Christmas Banquet on the 17th, it will be officially Christmas Break!! I am so excited. And so far, these last two weeks are moving at a snails pace...Sigh sigh sigh.

I apologize for the messy entry, but I don't have much time for editing when I'm without a laptop.
Thank you for reading, and I am wondering if you could just pray for me. I can't explain it on here, but I just need some Thanks ya'll.


  1. Such exciting times! Enjoy the moments.
    Love you and miss you,

  2. I'll be praying, Jenni!
    I can't WAIT til you get home. I think we need to have some serious talks.

    I love you!

  3. when we went caroling at bodenseehof i made the mistake of drinking a pitcher of water before hand. i've never had to pee so bad in my entire life. after we finished singing at this families house i had to go back and ask to use their washroom. :)