October 14, 2010

Thai Food & Paris Awaiting.

Today was such an awesome day. After three amazing lectures this morning, I skipped our usual free lunches, and went for Thai food with a friend. There's this delicious thai restaurant just down the street from the school. Our first choice was to indulge ourselves in french-fry pizza (yes, cheese pizza covered in french fries, you heard right!!!) but Germany has such weird hours for restaurants. Most only open at 5 PM. But this Thai place was open and it was the perfect place for some much needed, one-on-one, girl-talk.

To be honest, (does anyone else feel like I use that phrase alot? "to be honest?" Ah well, I guess I'm just an honest person) here at this school you meet so many people in so few days, that alot of the relationships are more on the...shallow side. Now, please don't misunderstand or misquote me. What I mean is that with most people, not all, but with most, the conversations consist of "dude, let's bike to Kaufland " or "what are you doing for travel weekend?" or "how about that lecture?!?" Other than our K-group meetings (small-groups) testimony sharing nights, late night bedroom talks, there's not much opportunity for intimate moments with people. There's always things to do, books to read, or places to see. Everyone, including myself is so caught up in trying to see everyone, and do everything that it's easy to just leave....depth out of conversations.

So what I'm getting at, is that this one-on-one girl talk I had at this Thai restaurant was absolutely amazing. We talked about so many things, that were actually DEEP and heart-filled. It was absolutely wonderful. I love learning about other people and their life stories. I have been craving this amount of depth for quite a long time, and I still am. I hope this is making sense.

I'm pumped that I had a chance to blog tonight! That makes me happy. I love keeping in touch with ya'll.
Oh one last ounce of news, we're offered a "Travel Weekend" in November and then again in the spring. Which is where we can choose to go anywhere in the world we want to, and I am going...to...PARIS!!!

How will I ever sleep tonight? :)


  1. Paris?!?!?!?!?!? PARISSSS???

    Jennifer, please, please take me with you! THAT'S MY HOMELAND. Lol.
    Not really, but still. I have a certificate that says that I'm legally (functionally) bilingual! I NEED TO PUT MY FRENCH TO USE! ;)

  2. it hasn't even been a month... even though it feels like a year has already gone by at school. that you've known these people your entire life. its only been a few weeks. the depth will come i can promise you that. you're going to make friends for life there. you still have so much time! second semester is always the better half.

  3. So cool! I'm excited that you get to go to Paris! What a fun city that is! Mary-Kate and Ashley would be sooo proud!
    I'm glad you're getting some depth in your relationships out there! Krissi's right, give it a little time, and you'll have some friends there for life! After all, depth doesn't happen over night... and if it did, I'd be a little worried!!!
    I looooove you!!!

  4. ps: You get to go to Paris in November, but guess where I get to go in November......... CALGARY!!!!!!!!!!