September 14, 2010


It's a crazy feeling, you know?
To talk about something for so long,
Never really believing it's actually gonna happen;
Never really thinking that the day is ever gonna come.
And then it comes,
and then it happens.

It's a crazy feeling, you know?
Tellin' people for months
that your plane-date is Tuesday the 21st,
When really, it's Monday the 20th.
What am I, some kind of a liar?
A liar who doesn't know how to read plan itineraries, apparently.


  1. JENNI!!!!!! CRAZZZZZYYYY!!!!!! That is so soon!!!!! I'm going to miss you even more just because you'll be living across the ocean!!!! You have to send me your address there ASAP so I can send you all kinds of fun stuff like I sent Krissi!!!! Good times will be had with the post-office!!!
    Are you excited?? Nervous??? Ready to go or a little more hesitant?? You'll be great and you'll have a great time! Just be ready to learn some great exciting God things!!! Love you!