September 18, 2010


Tonight I'm going to talk about flaws.
We all have 'em. We could name twenty of ours flaws in less than a minute if asked. We know them by heart.
We know exactly what our weaknesses are, exactly; we have no doubts in our minds about them.
But I have a burning question...if we know our flaws to a tee and can easily admit to ourselves that they exist, why is it that when somebody points out our flaws, we become extremely agitated?
When somebody takes note of our weaknesses and speaks them out loud right to our faces, why do we get so defensive?
We know that what they're pointing out is true and yet we still get upset over it. It's as if we're only OK with our flaws until somebody outside of our own body notices them.
It's as if they don't exist unless seen by a second pair of eyes. What's with this?
Or is the we I'm referring to actually just a me?
Lately I've been adjusting and tweaking my mindset. I've really started embracing these flaws of mine. Instead of clutching them like secrets and embarrassing indiscretions, I've been admitting them out loud.
Sure, I may speak them out nervously, hesitantly, or with an undenyingly obvious red face, but I actually talk about it now.
And why shouldn't I? They're part of who I am. They're a part of me. I talk about them and I work on them (if it's for the best).
You know what I think this is? I think it's confidence.
I'm not exactly or totally sure where it's coming from, but what I do know is that I'm loving it.

"I like it, I love it...I want some more of it."


  1. you need to stop going to McDonalds.

  2. I went to McDonalds for lunch today. Yum.
    You embrace those flaws Jenster and you become the cool confident woman that we know you are!