July 16, 2010

It's the Little Things.

It's true what they say; the little things are what matter the most. And alot of great little things happened today:

My Mom took me out for some amazing Mennonite food today. (and chocolate pie!)

This morning I told the lady at the bookstore with a sigh,"I have to work 'till 9 today." And what she said to me in reply really struck me. She said, "Well, it could be worse. My husband always says, 'I would rather work all day than be living in the world's best hospital." Definite, and inspiring words of wisdom right there.

At work, a man told me that he could tell I loved my job. Talk about the best compliment ever!

At work, this girl was a few cents short of her purchase, and there was no one behind her in line to offer some extra change, and I didn't want to call the keyholder to front because that's way too long of a process. I knew I had a quarter in my pocket, my selfish side told me to let her go on her way without her purchase, because I couldn't bare to part with my quarter. My kind, and selfless side told me to give her my quarter. I was torn. But the halo above my head shone too bright to ignore, so I gave her the quarter. Two hours later, a woman says "keep the change!" as she runs out the store, in an obvious hurry. I look at my hand and there sits a shiny loonie. Call me crazy, but it's like I was rewarded for giving that girl my quarter! Am I right, or am I just crazy?

At work, I asked the standard "Hi there, how are you?" retail question, and with with a huge grin plastered on this guys' face, he replied with: "No, how are YOU?" Haha. How considerate!

Later at work, after a guy was finished paying he says to me "I'm gonna give you this dollar because I finally found somebody who's just as red as I am." (That's somebody was me.) And then we had this long conversation about sunburns. Haha. Some people are just too nice!

At work, a good friend of mine came and surprised me and bought me a sucker! He made my night.

Oh and also at work, I got hit on by 3 guys who looked like they were still in high school. Oh well, what can you do?

Today was such a good day.


  1. Sounds like a fun summer so far!!! I miss good ol' mennonite food!!!! I want some farmer sausage and schmontfat or whatever it's called. YUM!!! Love that stuff!!!!!

    Aren't getting tips at work the best? If I were around, I'd stop in all the time and hassle you at work! haha!!! Just kidding, I'd probably tip you too!

    Gotta love getting hit on by the youngin's eh? :D

    Miss you!

  2. at least you're not getting hit on by men old enough to be your grandfather times 2 *wince* blech.

    haha its so funny that you love working at the dollar store. :) but its also pretty good. as long as you love what you're doing.