June 2, 2010

Day Ten: Eilat or Bust!

I can’t believe how fast the time has flown; since our five nights spent in Jerusalem were somehow already up, we packed our suitcases and were on the road to Eilat (which is situated at the very southern tip of Israel, squished like a sliver between the countries of Egypt and Jordan). Oh and our tour guide’s family (his wife, his 8 year old daughter, and his 2 year old daughter) is coming with us to this resort city for the weekend! It’s weird for me to not be the youngest on this trip anymore. I felt like I was an only child being replaced by the birth of a younger sibling... Haha I’m totally kidding, I still got my share of attention and teasing. 

[A little Israeli child, with tendrils. Hee hee]

[My tour guides' daughters]

[Wild camels!!]

[On top of the world!]

[This was what the scenery was like on the way to Eilat]

This bus ride to Eilat was a good five hours. The time was spent with tourmates sharing their testimonies. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, the people on this tour are just so wonderful. I feel like I’ve never been surrounded by so many caring and strong Christians before. They’re all so encouraging. This morning Helen shared a bit of her story which brought me to tears; she lost her 19 year old grandson in a car accident about a year ago. Also, I feel like almost every couple on this tour has lost a child of their own. It always amazes me how even though some people’s worlds are taken right from their hands, their faith in God only seems to grow stronger. But sometimes this is what it takes for us to finally fall into God’s arms; he gives us a wake up call. What Helen also said was that God has given each and every one of us gifts; we all have stories that are so unique. It was encouraging to be reminded that God doesn’t listen to speech, rather he looks at the heart; as in, actions speak louder than words. Which works to my advantage, since I’m not the best “talker”, I slur, I stutter, I make no sense.
[Hank fell asleep on the bus with his mouth open, so Irwin popped an ice breaker in there. Boy, was Hank ever surprised when he tasted that on his tongue! Haha]

Oh, I also finished reading The Last Song, which involved even more tears. I think this was the first time a book has ever made me cry. I have come to the conclusion that I am now an emotional wreck. I never used to be this way!! Maybe I am finally what they call, a woman of true feeling and emotion. Anyway, have I ever mentioned how much admire Nicholas Sparks? It’s UNREAL how he can create the most intricate characters and somehow weave them altogether into one incredible story. I wish I could do that.

Today we also made a quick stop at Aroma again. Hello caffeine!! 

We made it to Eilat at about 5 PM. Eilat is like the Las Vegas of Israel; it has huge hotels and is situated in a plus 50 degree Celsius desert. (I’ve never felt such a hot wind before, it was insane) Our hotel was also a two second walk to a beach on the Red Sea. So as soon as we arrived, a bunch of us ran out into the ocean, absolutely loving life. Charmaine and I even got asked out on a date or two on the way there. Haha…men.

[The Eilat airport was right outside our hotel]

[The IMAX theatre, shaped like a pyramid]

[A bunch of us in the Red Sea. Sooo much fun]

After buffet dinner and the best dessert I’ve ever had, we walked the boardwalk. This boardwalk was amazing. Hundreds of little outdoor shops right beside the sandy beach. Oh and not to mention, the mall here is open until midnight. It was insane going inside there, because it was packed with little kids. Honestly, Israeli children have completely different time clocks than North American children. Back in Canada, kids usually go to bed at like 8 or 9. Here, they go to bed at midnight or later. Wow.
When I got back to the hotel I grabbed my laptop and brought it downstairs into the lobby (because that’s the only area of the hotel you can get free wireless), and using the internet for the first time after six long days was GLORIOUS. I remembered what my friends and family’s faces looked like again! Haha. 
[Eilat at night]

[The boardwalk]

[A Nutella stand!]

[Playing on my computer's Photobooth]


  1. hahaha, silly! In Ted Dekkers Hezbollah book, he said one of the reasons the cities come alive at night is because it is just too darn hot during the day! I thought that made sense... though, I'm not sure I'd survive. I don't usually make it till midnight! I'm going to be sad when all of your trip updates are done!!!! They are so fun to read!

  2. i agree with elena, i definitely look forward to reading your trip highlights because i only got to flick through your pictures when you stopped in on your short layover. i think i'd thrive in 50C weather.. i'm hating this 14C weather we're having right now. i'm always cold. i don't think i've ever been this cold for this long. and they call this summer.. what a joke. i'll tell Cody i want to move to Israel.

  3. I want to read that book next!!

    Looking at the desert rock picture, it's no wonder that the Israelites gave Moses so much trouble.

    That water looks inviting. Was the beach sandy?

    Is the tour guide Jewish?