June 3, 2010

Day Eleven: Egypt.

So last night I went to bed at 11 PM (which is super late for me these days, usually bed time is 9:30 PM or 10) and our wake up call that morning was at 5 AM. Talk about zero hours of sleep. I actually had a terrible sleep that night. My face was a magnet to the AC’s blasting fan. For our long bus ride to Egypt, our hotel gave us these breakfast boxes which included: 2 buns, 2 butters, 2 fruits, 1 bottle of water, a huge tray of cheese and olives, 2 hard-boiled eggs, and 2 chocolate muffins. Like seriously, I was expecting a piece of toast and a mini milk carton. Since we were entering into another country, we had to step off our bus, walk through the border, and then step onto a different bus. OK, I just wrote the worst sentence in my journal: “the Israel-Egypt border was a long process, but it didn’t take long at all.” What does that even mean? HA. All of this Hebrew language around me is messing up my English skills. Yikes.

[Need I say more?]

Anyway, I was SO excited. Like, EGYPT. I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt and you know, see the pyramids! Turns out, the pyramids are in Cairo, faaaaar away from where we were heading, which is St. Catharine’s Monastery at Mount Sinai. On the way, we stopped at this random spot where young children, like four or five, were selling jewelry on the side of the road. We ended up giving them the rest of our breakfast boxes, because Heaven knows we all had MORE than enough leftovers. I also bought two bracelets, which are absolutely gorgeous.

[Children selling bracelets]

[This is one of them that I bought!]

[Did I mention we even have our very own security guard??]

Along with our new bus, we got a new bus driver (his name was Osama. hahaha) and a new tour guide. And I hate to admit it, but this tour guide was really really… creepy. That’s all I’m going to say, because I’m not one to bash...Haha.
Egypt has beautiful scenery; everything is sandy brown. Everything from the mountains, to the ground, to the rocks. It’s so amazing at first that your camera is clicking 1000 times per second, but after about an hour or so, all you can think is “if I see another rock I’m going to punch someone in the face.” Haha. So when we arrived at Mount Sinai, we saw the exact burning bush (yeah right…) and also where the Golden calf could have been placed. (uh huh…) The most exciting part of this excursion was probably riding a camel for the first time! The Bedouin Shepherds asked if I wanted to ride one for 2 sheckles. “Sorry, but I don’t have any money!” As I walked away I made a point to make my shoulders sink as low as possible, my for my feet to shuffle as obvious as possible. I stopped in my tracks as he said, “That’s OK, have a ride for free!” I was overjoyed and handed my camera over to Charmaine. And when the camel stood up with me on its back, the shepherd joked “Alright, now you have to pay 2 sheckles if you want to come down.” Haha geez. Camel riding is quite an experience, and I recommend it to all! When it stands up it lurches like 4 feet forward and then 3 feet backwards. It wouldn’t be hard to fall off, that’s for sure.
[A little colony]

[Dear Israelites: I don't know how you lasted 40 years in this desert. Kudos to you.]

[Actual skulls at St. Catharine's Monastery, crazy!]

[Mount Sinai. Beautiful, ain't it?]

[See that green shrub on the left? Yeah, that is thee actual burning bush.....yeah...OK....]

[Way too much fun!]

[One of my favorite pictures!]

[Egypt has millions of these little resorts along the Red Sea. I personally wouldn't care to stay there, it's in the middle of nowhere.]

[A hole for a toilet. I never used one of these though, I'm too chicken.]

[Another photo that Bob and Gloria put me up to. Haha]
Going back into Israel took what seemed like FOREVER. We had to go through customs twice and get our bags checked three times. Good news is that I got three new stamps in my passport! So awesome. I really wish that our passports lasted a lifetime so that we’d have stamps of ALL the places we traveled. Wouldn’t that be something?

[Sayin' a prayer on the bus]
After quick dip in the Red Sea, a few purchases down the boardwalk (a brown fringe purse, and a beach dress), and a buffet dinner at the hotel, Charmaine and I finished off the day with a box of double-coated Tim Tam’s and half of Bridge Jones’ Diary. (We have made it a habit to fall asleep during every single movie we watch together, it’s tradition!)
[The view from our hotel!]

[I've always wanted to try on a Sailor's hat!]


  1. haha you little cutie! i'll go to the pyramids before you do. mwahahhahaha!!!

  2. It looks like you went to Tatooine from Star Wars!
    I love camels! They look so happy all of the time!
    Your bracelet is really cool, but your hand in that picture looks messed up! haha!!! Was it super hot - or were you used to the weather already? It feels like Winchester moved to the Sahara. It was over 30' at 8am! Love it!

  3. Ahhh, 2 things from MY world - Tim Tams and "squattie potties". The trick is to keep your heels flat on the ground and bend your knees. I have not been "successful" using one very often - I avoid using them if possible. Unfortunately I don't have much choice in this country... (except at HOME!!!).