March 26, 2010

Two Things;

Two Nicknames You Go By 1. Jenny 2. Jennaaay (Forest Gump, anyone?) Two Parts of Your Heritage 1. Mennonite 2. Canadian Two Things That Scare You 1. Feeling worthless, like I have nothing to offer the world/Rejection. 2. Cutting my hair. Two of Your Everyday Essentials 1. My incredible iTunes playlist. 2. My day planner. Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now 1. Old jeans 2. A ring on my left-hand. (Ha just kidding, it's only the right hand) Two of Your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists (at the moment) 1. Lady Antebellum 2. Relient K Two Things You Want in a Relationship (other than Real Love) 1. Laughter 2. Adventure/Spontaneity Two Truths 1. I have this weird desire to work for Focus on the Family one day, and reach out to teenage girls. I don't know, being a kid is hard, and I remember that alot of the things that got me through were from Focus on The Family like my Adventures in Odyssey story CDs, and the Christy Miller series. I want to help like I was helped. 2. I had my very first slow dance the other night. Twice actually.. Two Physical Things that Appeal to You About the Opposite Sex. 1. Nice teeth. 2. How often they smile or laugh. I could never be with a serious guy, never ever. Two of Your Favorite Hobbies 1. Listening to great music. 2. Dancing. (I am quite the rebellious mennonite) Two Things You Want Really Badly 1. A decent GPA. 2. For my hair to grow down to my waist. Two Places You Want to go on Vacation 1. Israel (2 more months!!) 2. All over Europe Two Things You Want to Do Before You Die 1. Write a book. (ahh that would be so great) 2. Fall in love. (ahh that would also be so great) Two Ways That You are Stereotyped 1. I have blonde hair, so apparently I'm really dumb. 2. I smile and laugh alot, so apparently I'm really ditzy. Like, come on people, be a little more creative with your degradation-skills. Two Things You Are Thinking About Now 1. Honestly, I suck at doing homework. It's like as soon as I came to the realization that there's only a month of school left, that it must be time to turn the brain off. Bad idea... 2. I wish I could've gone bungee jumping with the Outdoor Club this weekend, but instead I let my procrastination get the best of me. Ugh. Two Stores You Shop At 1. The University bookstore. (bahah nerd) 2. American Eagle. Two people you haven't talked to in a while 1. Him 2. Her Two favorite web sites 1. Facebook of course, it gives me all my favorite music artists' updates! 2. (I love blogs!) Two pets you had (have) 1. A million dogs. 2. A million cats. Two Favorite Sports 1. Soccer 2. Recreational Volleyball Two things you did last night 1. Went to a "Science of the Sexes" thing, pretty interesting. 2. Went on a McDonalds run before bedtime, and bought Deanna a birthday McFlurry! Two shows you like to watch 1. Friends 2. Gilmore Girls Two places you like to go "out" to 1. Earls/Moxies/Any classy joint. 2. The movie theatre of course!

P.s- I am just SO cool:


  1. you re-did your blog again! i like your quiz. i'm still jealous you get to go to Israel before me. i'll never forgive you. brunette is better. you know what? you totally should work at Focus on the Family. i like listening to their podcasts about families and relationships. i should message my friend who knows robin jones gunn and get her to give me her address so i can give it to you, so you can converse with the Christy Miller Series writer herself... for some inspiration! i'll do that. i'll keep you updated. :)

  2. WUUTTTTT. I thought you spelled you're nickname like this: Jenni. Not: Jenny.


    By the way, I love you! BFFS :D haha.

  3. Your friend knows robin jones gunn Krissi?? i wrote her a letter once because I liked one of her books so much!! Funny!!

    Jenni, brunette is totally better.... except I secretly want to be a blonde... one day...

    I too appreciate my Focus on the Family days with Brio and Beyond and adventures in odyssey! Their first magazine starts for kids who are three! I'm planning on gettting ALora a subscription... maybe by then you'll be writing for them! Who knows!!?!?! :)

    I love you jenni! And I love your blog!! I also check it a gazillion times a day!

  4. Brio and Beyond! BEST EVER. Elena you totally brought back memories. I do believe I also bought a book about the dreaded "." by Susie Shellenburger or whatever her name is. Good times!

  5. Oh sad news guys, Brio & Beyond isn't even in circulation anymore! :( It's all online now.
    Oh how the times have changed!