March 2, 2010

Philosophy Hurts. Optimism Heals.

Something so hilarious just happened to me.

I started my Philosophy homework at 7 pm, it is now almost 9 pm.

During this time I read through all of chapter 8, and answered all of chapter 8's lovely review questions in preparation for the test tomorrow.

I was relieved to be almost done my homework before 9 pm, I mean, what an accomplishment!

And then I leaned in a little closer to the syllabus and saw in bold letters not a Chapter 8, but a Chapter 11.


So what do you do in a situation like this?

Easy; Pack up your Philosophy textbook, sprint out of the library, watch Sex and The City with your closest friends, take advantage of your Chai Tea Latte solely for its caffeine, and say hello to the late night ahead of you.


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