February 22, 2010


After running around the streets of downtown Vancouver, I realized that this is what I want.
I want adventure. I want to be free, with nothing tying me down; no strings attached.
I want to see the world; explore every corner cafe, dip my toes in every ocean, ride every city-train, and run down every dirt road with my arms stretched out to the sky.
I want to meet the locals, eat what they eat, and live how they live.
I'm too young and free to not take every opportunity I can.
I'm absolutely in love with God's creation and I want to leave my footprint all over it.

This dream of mine also made me realize that the man in my future has to be 10x more adventurous than me. No, I'm not implying that I want to get married on the summit of Mount Everest and bungee jump off into my honeymoon...
I'm just saying that together we'd be the ultimate travel companions; in the dead of night we'd lie side by side on the middle of the interstate, the following morning we'd play tag in an Italian vineyard, in the afternoon we'd ride the world's scariest roller-coaster, then in the evening he'd take me snowboarding in the Alps.

Sounds like a plan!


1 comment:

  1. WOW-ZERS jenni! lucky boys getting their picture taken with you. its something i can only dream about.

    lets leave foot prints together. i'm tired of working. all i want to do is travel.