January 4, 2016

We're Home!

After two flights from Winnipeg -> Toronto -> Philadelphia, we are home!

In the morning before our flight took off, my parents took us to breakfast at The Pancake House. It was delicious, and despite how insanely busy the place was, the service was exquisite! I'd never been there before, and I think it's safe to say that the next time I'm in Winnipeg I'll definitely go again! Breakfast date, anyone? ;)
Flying domestically from Winnipeg to Toronto was of course a synch. The worst part about international dating/marriage is international flying. We had a 3 hour layover in Toronto, but because the customs line-up and process was so long, we had only 45 minutes to spare before our next flight took off.

Starved out of our minds, we sat down at a restaurant which had an iPad at every seat. Surprisingly, ordering food and paying off of an iPad was easier than expected. Not to mention, our food (I got a Poutine, obviously!!!) and drinks came right away! No need to wait for the cheque anymore! And to think, the only reason we ate here was because we couldn't find a McDonalds... (haha!)
You wouldn't think that two short flights would amount to total physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. But they did.
Carrying heavy bags on and off planes, through customs lines and terminals is physically exhausting.
Trying to figure out the correct way to slide my Passport into the "Automated Passport Kiosk" is mentally exhausting. ...Please confirm your name and birth date, it says. Hmm...I don't remember any of these things anymore...
And saying goodbye will always be emotionally exhausting. It will always suck. But hey, how lucky are we to have so many "goodbyes" that actually hurt the heart? What is more of a reality check than having an easy goodbye with someone, you know?!

Despite the exhaustion, it feels good to be back in Maryland! I'm super excited to reflect on the amazing--almost 3 weeks I spent in Canada with family and friends! I have so many reasons to praise God.

I'm also ready for some routine and to UNWIND. Just like after my previous trip to Canada, I am experiencing an introvert-hangover, and am in dire need of an empty apartment, unlimited amounts of junk food, and a chick flick marathon. I'm sure none of this is surprising to anyone...

I thought I was tired. But after using Jarryd's toothbrush this morning and only realizing it after brushing my teeth for 3+ minutes and spitting it out, I KNOW I'm tired. (...Do you think I should tell him?) :P


  1. Ew, I accidentally used Cody's toothbrush once and Its a completely different colour. I remember even thinking "why is my toothbrush already wet?".... it only dawned on me when I put it back in the holder after brushing. In my defense we were staying at his parents house and I usually put my brush in my side of the drawer. But we did't have a drawer, only a holder. I never made that mistake again. so gross. haha I never told him and he doesn't follow your blog so he'll never find out. haha