January 24, 2016

Surviving Winter Storm Jonas.

The storm, Winter Storm Jonas Bro, has been weathered! It is over! We survived! In my honest and super experienced opinion (thank you, Canadian childhood) , this storm wasn't even that bad. Granted, we didn't have to drive anywhere. And granted, we never had to endure a power-outage. I don't know, with all the hype I was expecting it to be a little crazier, like watch Stop signs fly through the air and smash windows open. Shrug.
Oh well. I'm definitely not complaining!

Our Friday Night-Sunday Snow Days involved plenty of:

  • European football
  • Cleaning/organizing (this is a pretty good feat for me, as I rarely have the motivation to do this when Jarryd his home. I'd rather just be hangin' out with him, you know?)
  • Tea :)
  • Coffee :)
  • Coke. Lots of Coke. :)
  • Hot shower--whilst praying the power won't suddenly go out before I even get the chance to rinse out my conditioner.
  • Ordering--the worst pizza I've ever had--and walking to the pizza place to go pick it up. (The snow was just beginning to fall then, so it was a slightly more romantic walk). The pizza cooled down quite a bit by the time we reached home, so we stuck it in the oven, box and all! Ten minutes later I start to smell smoke. I open the oven door, and low and behold the lid of the box is touching the heating elements and part of the box is on fire! (Errmagerssh!!) Thankfully, we put it out and everything was OK. Well, minus the pizza. That pizza was a total let down. And the only reason we even ordered from there was because my favourite pizza place (Pizza Hut) was closed because of the storm! :'(
  • "The Office". We just finished the episode where Michael Scott leaves for Colorado. PAINFUL!
  • "Unbroken" <--an intense and inspirational movie about choosing forgiveness! I recommend it. It's also a true story!
  • Moving our couches together and gathering pillows to create a comfy couch oasis.
  • "The Great Gatsby". This was done by the same director who did Moulin Rouge. As soon as the movie starting playing I could tell. How? Because it's super weird. Weird in that I-can't-stop-looking-this-is-so-weird kind of way. But just as Moulin Rouge was, it gets better and better with every minute! I liked it! :)
  • Staring out the window in our warm and cozy state watching the snow plow come around every couple hours, and thinking to ourselves: Yep! Apartment living definitely has its perks!
  • Macaroni and Cheese with hot dogs. Classic comfort food, right?! ;)
  • Cuddles.
  • Junk food!! People went to the store to stock up on milk and bread, we went to the store to stock up on chips!
  • Just pure laziness. It has felt like the laziest weekend of my life. Good thing I am working tomorrow!
We even went for a little walk around the complex! It was fun braving the storm together.
This, this is my car. Currently it is Sunday night and we still haven't cleared the snow off of it. Perhaps the sun will shine and the warm air will melt it right off and do the job for us? :)
Yay! Thanks for following along, friends! I wish I could share this experience even more with you by sending you a little box of snow. :)


  1. You'd have yourself a pretty cool before and after if you took your picture from the last post and compared it to the picture in this post! I'm jealous of your snow weekend. I don't know the last time we had even a snow-day here. What with that mysterious "warm wind" that keeps melting all the snow. Leo DeCappuccino knows all about that.

    1. Hmmm that is a good idea!!
      "DeCappuccino", is the best thing I have heard all day!
      Word on the street is that we are supposed to get MORE snow this week. How true is this? I don't know. We'll see!!

  2. Baz Luhrmann the director of the Great Gatsby has such a unique style! Whenever I watch any of his shows I always end up having the most vivid and crazy dreams when I fall asleep. Ha! "Australia" is one of my favorite movies he's made. .. and Unbroken is soo soo good. I literally bawled in the movie theater at the very end.

    1. Yes! I'm pretty sure I had some weird dreams the other night too because of Gatsby. How funny!! And I had no idea he also did Australia. I've never seen it but I'm officially putting it on my to-do list! :)