August 19, 2015


It has been one of those of those days where my mind is just feeding me lie after lie. Is it my mind, is it my surroundings/the fallen world in which we live? Is it Satan?

I think that because of Satan, I live in a fallen world, a world in which Satan can so easily tempt and seduce the evil desires of my mind.

Ugh, this is heavy stuff right? But it is real life! "To sin or not to sin" is a choice I'm making on a second-to-second basis.

I don't even know how much of it I want to get into, but here goes: I struggle with my identity, ALL. OF. THE. TIME.
So often I'm wrapped up in: I'm from this place, I went to this school, I majored in this subject, I lived here, but now I live here, I am married, I have this many friends, I do this as a hobby, I am REALLY good at this, ect.

There are some days, or moments, when I am feeling so satisfied and impressed by this identity I have created. Like, "wow, I am so proud of myself and who I have become". Graduating school did that to me, getting married did that to me, getting a new job did that to me, moving to a new apartment did that to me, ect.

I will feel content and satisfied...UNTIL, someone else tells me something exciting and thrilling about their own "identity"...

*Cue the horrible feelings of jealousy* <----All I want is for you to go away!

Everyone has a certain temptation that continually nips at them and mine would have to be jealousy. I hate admitting it. I absolutely do, but it is true.

Which is WHY, I am posting this. Through prayer and strength that only Jesus can give me, I am making a conscious effort to pursue my own identity. NOT the identity that I listed before, the one that is based on my own achievements and such. I am going to focus on my true identity:

I am a child of God. I am a friend of God. I am a citizen of Heaven. I am chosen by God. I am forgiven. I am blameless in His sight. I can bring glory to God. I am a new creation. I am victorious!

To help keep me on track I am starting this daily devotional by Joyce Meyers:
And the whole reason why I wrote this blog entry, other than to encourage others, was that by making it public, I could be held accountable to actually keep up with this devotional.

I just don't spend enough time with Jesus and I need to!

Did any of this make sense? At all?

I just want to send the message that yes, where I'm from, where I went to school, who I married, ect., is a huge part of who I am today as a human being. It is what makes me defines me in an earthly societal way. BUT it is not my true, eternal identity. My human achievement identity is not where I want to put my confidence in, (because when I do that, I am constantly a slave to myself), rather I want to put my confidence in the One who created me: God! He is my identity!

Truthfully, just writing this blog entry made me feel better already. It was such a good reminder of WHO I really am. Well, I'm off to read my devotional! Thanks for reading! :)

With love, Jenny.

August 18, 2015

Mom & Dad.

I live in Maryland, USA, and my parents live in central Canada...and I just skyped with them for 4+ hours. Well, it was more like I skyped with both of them for 2 hours, and then my Dad went off to get his beauty sleep, which left my Mom and I to skype for the next two hours, (because us ladies need some extra time to talk about our hair, am I right?!).

I love my parents. (!!!)

I remember it being hard throughout middle to high school though; Alot of my friends had very young parents, ones who were more "in with the times", I guess you could say. My Mom had me when she was 38 years old, so yes, there is 38 years between my Mom and I, and 42 years between my Dad and I. I remember feeling like my parents were too old to understand anything I was going through, as if the generation gap between us was more of a wall than a gap.

As I grow older and older, I am feeling the "generation gap" between us get smaller and smaller. To be honest I'm not even feeling that gap anymore. The things that I once cared so much about in my "angsty adolescent" days, (boys, clothes, being skinny, and being popular), I no longer care for (except for one boy, my hubby, wink!).
And the things that my parents have always cared about since I could remember (Jesus, family, good values, hard work, and good conversation), I now care so deeply about!

I seriously love how they can make me laugh like no one else can. I also love how they are just such a typical married couple, continually poking and prodding each other with their teasing; always knowing exactly which button to push and when to push it.

I love discussing the weather with them! I love hearing them talk about their grandchildren, watching their eyes light up as they're telling the stories. I love knowing everything that is new in town or hearing them try to recall the names all of the babies that have just been born within our church family. (Not even I can remember all the names!)

I love talking about the deep stuff too, the events that happened that once were too raw to speak about or too hard for me to understand at one point. Such as my Mom's miscarriage, and how he was the size of her palm. Tonight she told me what his name would have been and it just sounded like the most beautiful name.

I love when my parents ask me the hard questions, "are you OK out there?", or "have you made any close girlfriends?".

I especially love how when I look at them, I see little hints of myself. I have my Dad's nose and smile and I have my Mom's hips. Personality-wise my Dad gave me his sense of humour and calm demeanor; and I have my Mom to thank for my school-smart-brain and my night-owl tendencies. When it all comes down to it, I just love them, and I have so much to thank them for.

What also has made this day extra special is that I booked my flight to Canada for Thanksgiving! It will be my first time back at "home" since my wedding in June of 2014. That will be a year and four months, people! A.K.A: way too long to be away from the homeland! (I do not recommend the hiatus). I am so excited to have ten whole days filled with nothing but family and best friends. :)

Yay! <3

August 17, 2015

You Must Become An Island.

I've been on a real Sara Bareilles kick as of late. Frankly, for many years she has been on my iTunes, neglected and gathering dust.

And then her single "Brave" came out. A song that was so powerful to me. I WANNA SEE YOU BE BRAVE! (Isn't that what we all wish we were? Brave?)

One thing lead to another and suddenly I have her entire "The Blessed Unrest" album, and it is All. I. Play. In. The. Car.

Trust me, I am not trying to write a music review anything, but I am in love with this album. Her voice is not exactly my favourite female voice in the world, but nonetheless she sings well and her range is quality stuff!

The best thing though, is that she writes and/or co-writes all of her music.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am all about the lyrics. The only element that truly draws me into a song is not the beat, the melody, or sound, it's the lyrics. And Sara Bareilles is an AMAZING songwriter.

Not to make things heavy, but a song that she wrote called "Islands" is about breaking up with a loved one, and needing to be completely OK with being alone...having total separate lives, with no connection...being an "island".

Sometimes I like to change the meaning of a song to fit my current mood and feelings. (Does anyone else do this too?) I'm definitely not going through a breakup, so I like to listen to this song when I'm feeling particularly introverted, desiring to hide away from the world, and not wanting to let anybody get too close to me.

My goal is to learn this on the piano, or her other teary balled, "Manhattan". Perhaps I'll give it a go tonight. <3

Waiting for the bus stop
Waiting for the concrete black top to settle down
Long enough for me to get off and get a little ground

I'm ready for the sea change

Helpless felt this coming from a mile away

And now you're looking at me babe, and how we'll separate if we can
Cause I still count on one hand the number of good men I know

It's like I'm standing on the edge with just a telephone wire

Trying to get to you first to say the world's on fire

Holding my breath until I know you're alright
Because the water will only rise
When will you realize
You must become an island
You must become an island
You must become an island
And see for yourself that that's what I am

You always dirty up the windows

If you keep 'em at bay that way no one's gonna surprise you by getting too close

Anybody but me though
You've made exceptions to you rules
And now we're staring down truth neither one of us wants to know

It's like I'm standing on the edge with just a telephone wire

Trying to get to you first to say the world's on fire

Holding my breath until I know you're alright
Because the water will only rise
When will you realize
You must become an island
You must become an island
You must become an island
And see for yourself the horizon is all we have

August 13, 2015


I had a really enjoyable and productive afternoon at work. (I am serious, I love my job!)

My kitchen is--actually--clean. (Actually!)

My weekly hair-wash is done and over with. (What a chore.)

The "Pumpkin Spice" Yankee candle is lit. (It's never too early for a little pumpkin spice!)

The Red Moscato wine is poured into its' rightful stemless glass. (Stemless is the new stemmed.)

"13 Going On 30" is playing in the background. (A movie that will forever give me the "feel-goods".)

And the chocolate cake that I brought home from work is ready to be indulged in. (Did someone say chocolate?)

AND, I just got a "Welcome to the United States of America" letter from US immigration; I am now a Permanent Resident!! (I'll drink to that!)

My late-evening of solitude is undeniably flawless! :)

August 12, 2015


You guys!

I just picked up thee cutest shower curtain in the world:

Just look at it. It's the perfect blue. It has big voluptuous flowers and little birds perched on branches on it. It's insanely adorable!!! Our apartment has two bathrooms, and now I'm wishing I would have doubled-up on these so I could put one in the guest bathroom as well...oh well, I shall restrain myself.
And to those of you who are thinking "how on earth does her husband put up with such a girly-lookin' shower curtain?", WELL, I will have you know that before we moved in I asked him: "would you mind if I frilled-up our master bathroom?"
His response: "Nope".
Me: *Grin*

Also, I totally lucked-out on this gorgeous painting. I went through HomeGoods twice in one outing. The first time, I promise you this painting did not exist. The second time, it was staring me right in the face!:

Don't you just love how I chose to take a photo of it with my face covering half of the painting? :P
Originally I thought this would go perfectly in our non-windowed bathroom, to liven it up some. But it turns out I found a perfect spot for it in our main area...area. It's between the dining room and the kitchen...hmm, how do you explain that one?

I hope you enjoyed my "finds", even if they are a little on the frilly/girly side of the universal decor spectrum. I just finished taking the photos of our apartment, and I promise I will post them soon. I can't wait to show y'all our new place!! :)

August 10, 2015

A Tease of Our New Home.

There is a photo of our new apartment building, that we have officially lived in for -almost- two weeks! Like a fantastic wine, everyday here just keeps getting better and better. There are moments where I will notice that I have been standing in the middle of the living room just staring at everything around me, trying to wrap my head around the fact that this is actually our new home! (Does the shock ever wear off? I hope not). It is too beautiful to be true. It smells too new to be true, and it feels too clean to be true.

I am not trying to sound like I am bragging about this, but if you would have seen our old apartment, then you would totally understand. I get amusingly excited about the little things that most people would find nonsensical. 
These windows are so easy to open!
There are no ants in our sugar bowl!
Our front door actually locks!
A thermostat of my very own?!

I have been having a crazy good time perusing up and down the aisles of Target, Big Lot's, HomeGoods, and Kohl's (am I livin' in America or what?) trying to find pieces to make our home just a little more....homey. Most purchases were "needs" rather than wants, such as a Mr. Clean toilet brush and a sturdy shower caddy. And then of course there have been a few "wants" purchases like bedside lamps and bedding. To offer a visual example, below is my new kitchen rug from Target (it was the last one in this colour, I simply had to buy it), that I like to call my "sparkle rug". :)

Interior decorating has always been one of my "things". Even as a young middle-schooler I was alwaaaays rearranging the furniture in my bedroom for a new look; I even painted the walls red (all by myself!), and convinced my Dad to replace the boring carpet with a fuzzy shaggy one! My bedroom was my sanctuary, and now, this apartment is my sanctuary. As a self-declared homebody I have the right to transform our apartment into the warmest, coziest, brightest, and most romantic place on the earth, since the majority of my time will be here anyway. ;)

I plan to take some proper photos of this place tomorrow. I cannot wait to show you all what we have fortunately gotten ourselves into. :)

Love, Jenny.