December 8, 2014

Newly Wedded.

1. How long have you been married?
5 1/2 months! Woweee, that sure flew by!

2. What is your biggest pet peeve about your spouse? 
Hmm...I think it's extremely weird that he drinks our milk, juice, and any liquid for that matter straight from the carton! I cannot fathom this strange habit of his... (Although I feel quite lucky that this is the worst I have to deal with! haha)

3. What is your relationship with your in-laws like?
I truly love my mother and father in law. They're some of the most welcoming and generous people I've ever met! For example, when Jarryd and I first stepped foot into our little apartment post-wedding/honeymoon, we were welcomed with brand new beautiful couches that they bought for us, a fridge and pantry filled with groceries, and a sweet card & photo from our wedding placed on our dining room table. It was so awesome coming home to that! Besides that, my in-laws are seriously so hilarious, and tell the best stories. I'm constantly entertained. :)

4. Do you and your spouse tell each other everything?
Yes, absolutely yes. We talk about anything and everything with each other, which was always a staple in our relationship since it began four years ago. (His openness and honesty is something I've always greatly appreciated about him)!

5. Is there anything you would change about your spouse?
I wish he disliked my baking, then there'd be more left for me! Hahah, jokes. (In fact I'm so thankful that Jarryd loves my cooking and baking!)

6. If you could be at any stage in your relationship what would it be? Example: {dating, engagement, wedding, newlywed...etc.}
I love this question! Well let's see, was an absolute blast! I loved how in the beginning I had so much trouble eating because he was all I could think about. I was a nervous-butterfly-filled mess! And one of the amazing parts about long distance was finally (after 3+ months apart) disembarking the plane at the Baltimore airport, and walking out to the baggage claim to see Jarryd, holding a bouquet of flowers, and finallyyyyyyyy hugging while our hearts bursted and melted at the same time. Reuniting after months apart was one of the most magical feelings! Despite many years of long distance, it never got old. <3
When it came to the Engagement stage of our relationship...I'd say that was my least favourite. The day after that gorgeous ring went on my finger, our "simply love, and be in love" romance suddenly turned into a "plan plAN and PLAAAN some more  takeover! With our long distance giving us limited amounts of time together anyway, the time we did have together was just spent planning...we hardly had time to talk about "us" things. I swear we almost eloped, wedding planning was just not for us. But we survived and are glad it's over! ;)
The being married/newlywed my FAVOURITE. I just love everything about it. I love how it's so team-oriented, companion-focused. We work together to maintain this beautiful bond that we have. I just appreciate how he's always there, how we love reading the Bible together and can bounce ideas and questions off each other for hours, how I always have someone to watch movies with, how we watch hockey together (Winnipeg Jets!!), and how he appreciates all things FOOD as much as I do. :D

7. What would your spouse say your best and worst trait(s) are?
He always tells me I'm an amazing cook and baker. He's literally loved every meal I've ever made, (well, except for that overcooked butternut squash disaster which we won't talk about).
He also thinks I'm really funny, which is just beyond me (I see myself as rather awkward). He finds my introvert-esque tendencies to be fascinating.
But overall, I know he appreciates my morals/values and outlook on life. I'm more traditional than most and he really loves that about me. <3
Worst trait? He doesn't really like how long it takes for me to admit what is upsetting me. For example, "Jenny, what's wrong?" Me: "Nothing." Aaaand repeat 10x and I'll finally have my real answer. :)

8. What would your spouse say your most attractive features are?
He would say: literally everything. What a sweetie. But he especially loves to comment on and admire the shape of my face...

9. What is your favorite part about living together?
I absolutely love being totally goofy together in the comfort of our own home. We are so incredibly weird but I love it! I also love the safety and security of having a strong man around the house, to kill all the spiders for me. <3

10. Who does the cooking?
It depends! In the rare occasion that he's had a relaxing day off and I've been out and about, he will offer to make dinner. But because he's the one working full-time, it's usually me. And I have a culinary degree, so it's obviously something I love to do!! Then there's days where we just cook together because we have so much fun doing it, (he is amazing at it too!!).

xoxo Jenny.

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