December 31, 2014

New Years Eve!

1. Tell me something about the person you kissed on New Year’s Eve 2013?
He is my husband, and he has the most gorgeous brown eyes. AND he has great taste in hockey teams, The Winnipeg Jets!!
2. Three good things that happened in 2014?
1) Graduated culinary school!
2) Got married!
3) Went on the honeymoon of my dreams, Disney World!! :) (Yes, I am actually 12 years old at heart).
3. The biggest change of 2014?
I definitely want to say moving to the US. Marrying Jarryd didn't even feel like that big of a change, compared to me moving to a whole different country!
4. What are you most looking forward to in 2015?
To get more settled into our new community, and to feel more familiar with the area, the people, and the way of life here.
5. Two things you have planned for 2015?
1) Visit home (Canada!!)
2) Get a job!! Hopefully it is somewhere doing something that I love!!
6. What’s your New Year’s resolution?
To start a "read your Bible in one year" thing. I haven't exactly started it yet though...but it is something I have always wanted to do!
7. Have you lost any people in 2014?
Thankfully no, but moving away from home kind of feels like I have. On that note, I am so thankful for Facebook, FaceTime, and Skype, for making it so easy to keep in contact.
8. What age will you become in 2015?
24 years old! My goodness!! But hey, this means I am one year away from having my car insurance drastically drop in price! Yay!
9. What stage will you be in your job/education in 2015?
I am done with education...for now, I think. As for job, it will be just the beginning!
10. Something bad that happened in 2014?
Thankfully, nothing painfully bad. I'd say the worst of it was my major anxiety from January 'til June...regarding all things wedding. Haha!
11. Who do you think you will kiss on New Years Eve 2015?
Do you even need to ask?
12. What are your plans for this New Years?
We double-booked ourselves accidentally, so we will spend a few hours at one party and then make our way to the next! ;)
13. Are there any big changes you want to make in 2015?
I know that this may sound trite, but I honestly just want to grow closer to God. Jarryd and I are in the middle of reading "You and Me Forever" by Francis Chan and his wife, and the greatest piece of advice you could ever receive from a marriage book or ANY self-help book for that matter, is that when your relationship with God is thriving, the rest of your relationships will thrive. This is what I want! I want my thoughts to be transformed.
14. What do you hope to achieve in 2015?
Well, since you asked...I would love to make more girlfriends here, finish reading my massive culinary textbook "Professional Cooking" by Wayne Gisslen, read some more books, blog on a regular basis, do as much traveling as possible, finish all of our thank-you cards from the wedding (Yikes!), learn to cook and bake more things, possibly start exercising again...possibly/ has been SO long, visit the ocean (naturally, of course), be as good of a pianist as I once was (practice! practice! practice!), and...learn to live outside of myself. :)
15. What is happening in your country in 2015?
I don't want to talk about it...not at all. Haha!

Happy New Years, and here is a photo of us from our very first Christmas together!

xoxo Jenny

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