November 30, 2014

The Wedding Day.

Thanks to every romantic novel and movie that fed me through all of my growing-up years (*cough* Nicholas Sparks *cough cough*)...I became a hopeless romantic. I wasn't ashamed of it either! I'd blast love songs on my radio with my friends (whether they liked it or not), I'd write poetry all about love, when friends would ask what we should watch, I'd always root for the romantic comedy/romantic drama/cheesy romantic movie. I would spend countless hours dreaming up my perfect love story...meeting a Godly man, being married, and having a little place of our very own that we could call home.

But that was it. I dreamed of falling in love with a man and our future life together as a married couple. I never ever dreamed about my actual wedding day. I was never that girl who had her wedding figured out by the time she was in middle school (or worse, elementary school!). The thought of planning a wedding just irked me in the worst way possible. Why? I think it has something to do with my personality type...I dislike being the center of attention; an entire day all about Me Me Me is not something that excites or motivates me.

I also dislike planning. Planning a party or an event is just plain stressful.
And another thing, don't get me wrong, I love Pinterest, I really do...but I just cannot fathom doing DIY projects for weddings. I can think of a billion and one things I'd rather be doing than sitting at home cutting out a thousand snowflakes so that I can . Yes, I'll gladly help out a friend and do it for a their wedding, but not for my own.

I really enjoyed dating Jarryd, we had so much fun just going on little adventures, falling in love, and dreaming about our future together. Being engaged was a whole 'nother story; in the beginning it was awesome...skyping with family and friends to tell them the big news, and then later posting all about it on Facebook was a thrill in itself! It was a wonderful feeling to finally have an enchanting, sparkly ring on your left finger, giving you clear evidence that the last 3 years of dating have paid off and are tying together into fruition. I remember thinking: if we can make it through our engagement, we can make it through anything! (haha!)

So I can admit it, my wedding day was not the "happiest day of my life". It was not the day that all of my dreams suddenly came true. It was not a perfect day...but it was FUN, it was ONE-OF-A-KIND, it was EMOTIONAL, it was NERVE-WRACKING, it was HEARTBEATS, it was BUTTERFLIES, it was I-CANT-STOP-SMILING, it was WOW, I AM SPEECHLESS, it was AMAZING being surrounded by so many of mine and Jarryd's LOVED ONES. But most of all, I remember it so clearly, when Jarryd and I were standing up front at the ceremony, we were all singing the hymn "My Jesus, I Love Thee"...I remember just feeling SO THANKFUL to God, just so incredibly thankful, and blessed. :)

So here are some of my favourite photos from our special day, taken by our amazing photographer, Gina Brandt Photography!!

You know you cannot avoid the classic dress-hanging-in-front-of-a-window shot. (Photo taken by my sister Elena, "photographer extraordinaire!")

The most comfortable dress you could ever wear on your wedding day; having a dress with one strap = a boobless wedding with eternal boobless wedding photos that you're not ashamed to show your grandparents. Hooray!

My Jare-Bear and I. <3

This photo was taken BEFORE the rain came back and frizzed out my hair. Sigh.

I love this photo. It looks like we are just a power-couple, ready to take on the battle of marriage!

Me with my gorgeous little niecies. The cutest flower girls in this world!

Wedding party photos! I love the candidness of this one!

My pastel bridesmaids with their fabulous bouquets.

Taking the time to smell the roses! ;)

Jarryd with his men. Unfortunately due to bad weather, two American groomsmen are missing. And we still never let them forget it. :D

One big happy family! Hahah!

So thankful for all of my wonderful brunette bridesmaids. Apparently I prefer to be the only blonde in the pack. ;)

Ooo hello there! So glad you could join us!

Inside the old tea house.

Our rings that go around and around for ever and ever.

This bouquet just screams: JENNY!!!

Cielo's Garden, our ceremony & reception venue.

The ceremony, before all of the guests arrived. Sighhh it's so beautiful!

The unity table, with salt & pepper instead of sand. (I give full credit to my sister Kristina for this inspiring and unique idea!)

The arbour in which we said our vows, exchanged rings, and smooched under.

The guestbook table!

Our guestbook.

My nieces doing an amazing job while looking irresistibly adorable.

Hugging my Daddy-o in front of our loved ones.

The ceremony.

Jarryd and I doin' our thing at the unity table.

I still remember my exact thoughts during this moment: WE DID feet are so wet right now...Yes, I definitely chose the perfect song for our ceremony exit...the hard part is over...IT'S STARTING TO many more puddles do I have to walk through?!...I am sooo thirsty right white shoes are now yellow...oh great, another puddle...I am SO HAPPY right now!!

The ceremony is over and now we can celebrate, relax, and just have fun!! This is one of my favourite photos, with my sister Elena!

The awesome reception tent!

 It wouldn't be a JENNY wedding without pink flowers, lacy table runners, and sparkly chandeliers. I'm glad Jarryd appreciates my femininity.

Some fun Pinterest-inspired decor!

It wouldn't be an American-Canadian wedding without our representative flags!

Our DELICIOUS wedding cake.

The cutting of the cake! I just love this photo because of the twinkly ceiling.

My wonderful, wonderful parents, I love and appreciate them so much!

My new family and I, whom I love so much. I never thought I could ever feel so comfortable around another family but my own!!

And a little smooch for good luck! ;)

XoXo Jenny