November 14, 2012

THIS Christmas...

Sooo excited!!! Dream come true!! :)

November 13, 2012

Oh, Love.

It's true what they say--they...whoever they is, is pretty darn wise--

...when you know, you know. :)

"One hundred percent, with every penny spent, he'll be the one that finishes your sentences."

November 10, 2012

November 2, 2012


I found this website called "All Groan Up" (thank you, Kaila! I owe you one!), which is all about learning to make the best out of this awkward stage of life called your 20's. Lord knows I am totally in it now--going from job to job, constantly second-guessing my future career choices, thinkin' about marriage, feeling "old", feeling "poor"(thanks to rent!), and suffering from obsessive-comparison disorder. So this website really did knock on my door at the perfect time.

At this time in my life, I feel like I'm ALWAYS waiting for SOMETHING. I'm waiting to find a better job. I'm waiting for marriage. I'm waiting to go to culinary school. I'm waiting for some sign from God. I'm waiting for this...and waiting for that.
When I went to Bible school in Germany, our principle always told us, "In God's eyes, waiting time is never wasted time". So often in this period of "waiting" we just want time to fly so we can just get to where we want to be. But this time of "waiting" is really a time of growing! There's so much that can be done in it!

And that's pretty much what this article, "There is No Such Thing As Waiting" is all about...take a look:

The only constant is change.
We have all heard that phrase at some point or another during our twenty-or-thirtysomething lifespan.  However, when it comes to waiting, the above phrase seems a tease.
Personally, I feel teased right now. And taunted. Relocation to my home city, after spending one year on the East Coast, has me energized…and yet, confused.  I find myself, a very capable, confident individual, not sure of the next step—taunted by the current atmosphere of waiting.
But does it have to be this way?
Problem with waiting
Photo by Tom Magliery – Creative Commons
Waiting can be tough because waiting masks itself as stagnancy.  Our creative Millennial Generation does not fare well with stagnancy–especially when we have a song in our hearts and a vision coming to life deep within us.  Waiting seems incongruent with success and forward movement…but is it really?
I would like to propose that truly, there is no such thing as waiting.  Since time is constantly in motion, as is the world and everything in it, I believe that we are also ever in movement.  When used wisely, periods of waiting can be active, rewarding and revitalizing.

1. Waiting is RESTORATIVE.
In a culture full of fast-paced competition and addictions to instant gratification, a return to a state of rest is a most fulfilling (and needed) act.  We are mere human beings with limitations, so allowing ourselves to rest, reflect, and rejuvenate will prove humbly worthwhile in the long run.  Consider a waiting season as an opportunity for whole-self restoration, be it involving prayer, exercise, connecting with people, reading for pleasure, or journaling.  Find what restores you and seek it out.

2. Waiting is PREPARATORY.
I’d argue that one of the best ways to use periods of waiting is in learning and growing.  Expanding one’s mind through reading books, watching films, taking classes, or learning a new craft or skill is priceless…and can be used in the long-run.  What have you been itching to learn about, but have not had the time to until now?  Pursue that and prepare your mind for the future.

3. Waiting is RECONNECTING.
During all-consuming times when life moves like rapid-fire, it is easy to lose sight of what is most important.  When was the last time you reflected upon your most closely held values? Times of waiting are perfect opportunities to slow down, remember the past, and reconnect to what matters the most.  Is it family?  Learning?  Creativity?  Revisiting what is most vital to your well-being now, as opposed to later, will serve as a guide when the going gets crazy again.

4. Waiting is REVEALING.
Perhaps you have never stopped to consider what is most important to you, what makes you you. You are unique–now is the time!  Waiting periods prove an ideal chance to discover your values, passions, goals, and motivations.
When it comes to waiting, what choice will you make?

November 1, 2012

My Photo Stream.

A few weeks ago, I sold two of my old-school iPods (seriously, the iPod video 80GB is a BRICK), and I bought myself a brand new iTouch--white, to be exact. And since my camera is long broken, I now use my iTouch for photography purposes. The advantage of this little thing is that both my music AND my camera are all on one device, the downside is that it takes horribly bad quality photos. I thought they'd be better for some reason...but I think that's just the iPhone. Ah well, I'm not complaining--I have something to document my life with now! So here are some of the random things I've been up to:

[My little niecey and I. I think she likes photos!]

[My mom wanted to give these little pillows to my niece, but I quickly snatched them--with permission. They were too cute to pass up!!]

[Skype dates with my favourite Marylander!! P.s- He survived the hurricane! YAY]

[Colouring time!!]

[Reading God's Word. "Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect"]

[Self-portrait...isn't this something you have to do if you have an iTouch/iPhone?]

[Lunch at the Bistro with mum! Cheeseburger soup, Caesar salad, and garlic bread = MMM!]

[I made oatmeal-pecan-walnut-pumpkinseed-sunflowerseed-chocolate chip cookies!!]

[Probably my favourite page from the "Me, The Professor, Fuzzy, and The Meaning of Life" book. It's an awesome comic strip-esq book dealing with all the important questions such as evolution or creation? Islam or Christianity? Such a great, educational, and easy-read! Thanks mum!]

[Found my dreeeeeam dress at the thrift store!! Black, strapless, and flows all the way down to my feet. I feel like I'm walking the red-carpet when I wear it!]

[My uber creamy/cheesy/meaty/vegetabley/comfort-foodie baked penne that I conquered tonight! Turned out SO amazing and satisfying! I used THIS recipe; I highly recommend it!]

[This is my little work-out calendar. All of the pink X's = the days I have exercised. So far I have exercised 12 days/21 days. Decent! It's been a mixture of Jillian Michaels Ripped In 30, P90X, and running outside. Two truths: 1) the hardest part is deciding to start working-out again and then ACTUALLY doing it. Once you start, it's hard to stop! and 2) Keeping a little calendar like this is huuuuge motivation for me! I don't want to see any more blank days!!]