September 29, 2012

Light, Corners, & Mirrors.

That there, is a picture of my bedroom! I love it to bits and pieces. To be honest, it's not even considered as a "bedroom"--it's actually an office space. -gasp!- I know, who would've thought?? The truth is, no matter the size of your room, if you really want to love it, you gotta make it work and you gotta make it YOURS.

In order to adapt to the size of my room, I had to empty out my closet, and stick all my sweaters & dressers in the hallway closet. Then from my bookshelf I put all my books in the other hallway closet, and then stuck my bookshelf in my closet. Interesting, no? [that was a fabulous idea from the beautiful mind of my boyfriend!]

Then, to make my room "appear" larger than it really was, I added some light. No, I didn't install another window into my room [although I WISH], I did something much, much easier. I switched up my bedding! I bought a white feather duvet, and some light pink pillow cases and sheets [these sheets were on sale for $10 bucks at Walmart by the way!!]. You know how you're supposed to wear black if you want to make yourself look more skinny? The same is for the interior of your house; if you want a skinnier room, use darker colours. If you want a larger room, use lighter colors! [plus, I just LOVE the colors white, pink, and grey together. So cozy!]

Another trick, was I got rid of all "caddy cornering". Angling a piece of furniture in the corner of the room uses up more floor space than necessary, thus, making the room look smaller than it really is.

Last but not least, my favourite trick of all: mirrors! Mirrors make a room look larger! I have two to prove it. :) Do you see the gorgeous [Canadian Tire] long skinny mirror hanging above my bed there? Well, there was this one day when I was telling Jarryd exactly how I wanted my mirror to be hung...someday. So the very next day, while I am gone to work, he shows up at my place with all the necessary tools, my roommates let him in, and he hangs my mirror for me!! So perfectly too!! And not only that, but he cleaned my whole room for me as well! Seriously, if you don't have a man who would do something like that for you, then I suggest you find a new one, because he made me feel like such a princess. =) I hope I never forget how blessed I am; and I hope I never forget to thank God for all He has given me.

Anyway, like I said before, you gotta make YOUR room YOURS. Not a magazine's, not Pinterest's, not your friend's, but YOURS. The way I made my room mine are by all the fine details: my pictures of Paris & New York City everywhere, Country lyrics, a picture of my family, two pictures of my boyfriend, lots and lots of pink, a cowboy hat, pretty jewelry, and a picture of Jesus. All of my favourite things. :)

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