August 5, 2012

Cookie Dough.

I accomplished a few things this weekend -so far-:

  • Bought 2 lbs of blueberries for $3.77. That price is unheard of!!! I think i'll go buy some more today...since I ended up eating about 3/4 of the container in one sitting.
  • Ran 5.6 km on friday, and even better: just as I finished a gorgeous thunderstorm began forming right above me. I heard somewhere that lightning is more likely to strike you if you're using an iPod (is this true or am I just gullible?), so I had to put Mariana's Trench away. But cool rain is the best way to end a run!
  • Made edible cookie dough!! What makes it "edible" is that it is eggless, and oh so delicious. I got the perfect recipe from THIS BLOG. Except she calls it "Cookie Dough for Preggies"...I don't know how to feel about myself now...
  • Two amazing people in mine and my boyfriends life have just started dating, -finally-!!! All is right with the world. :)
  • We ran out of clean spoons, so I ate my yoghurt with a 5 ML measuring spoon. You gotta make do with what ya got, you know?
  • Ate ALL of the edible cookie dough I just made. When you're watching such a great movie as Raising Helen how can you not end up dishin' out the entire tupperware container?! Sigh, old habits die hard. 
  • Ran 6.6 km this morning!
  • Skipped church this beautiful, sunny Sunday morning (I know...sue me) and we are about to leave for the Zoo! So excited!!

I just want to share with you little something that my boyfriend, Jarryd wrote to me about a week ago and it has been since engrained in my heart:

"So these are hard times? I don't think it has been as hard as our minds may make it to be...babe, the fact is that we always have joy with us, we carry Him with us everywhere we go."

This is so true. Sure, things are hard, life can be difficult, tiring, frustrating, and just plain exhausting, but honestly it's only as hard as you make it out to be. Think of all the ways you have been blessed! Stop complaining and start THANKING. Only Jesus should be our ultimate source of happiness, and since we have Him, how could we not be happy?

❤ ❤ ❤

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