June 16, 2012

Workie Work.

The month of May was one of many ups and downs...a roller coaster, really.

Up: Bought my very first car.
Down: My boyfriend left for the whole month to go back home. Long distance can really suck sometimes.
Up: I moved out of my parents house, into a condo with the two most wonderful women a girl could ask for (!!!)
Down: Despite having applied to over 20 jobs even BEFORE the month of May, no one was calling me back. I tried not to take it personally.
Up: I got a ton of reading done. Karen Kingsbury!! (Even though her stories are super unrealistic, they still reminded me of what's most important in life: Jesus)
Down: ...STILL unemployed.
Up: Worked on my Distance-Learning course and learned so much about the book of Hebrews!! I loved it!
Down: Because of the stress of unemployment and all the accompanying fears such as "I'm going to drain my bank account and I'll have to move back in with my parents before I know it!!"...I gained all my lost-weight back. I try not to care too much though...but it's hard when you remember how you used to be back in January, the fittest you'd ever been in your life!

In case you hadn't noticed, unemployment really took its toll on me. In past years getting a job was a total cinch! I would drop off my resume and get 3 calls from 3 different places the next day! Henceforth, I expected it to be the same this time around.

After applying to so many jobs, I got a phone call back from a job that I just KNEW was the job for me. It was a dietary aide position at a nursing home--full-time, best hours possible (6 am-2 pm), working in the kitchen, and daily interacting with the elderly. The interview went so well and I just knew the job would be mine! Days passed...and weeks passed. And eventually I let it sink in that the position was not meant to be mine after all. I find it funny how I so often think I know exactly what God has planned for me...but my mere human mind cannot even begin to correctly predict His perfect plans for me.

After I accepted the fact that the job wasn't mine to have, I applied at three other places I realized I hadn't yet applied. I immediately got a phone call from the grocery store, and I immediately got an interview at the orchard.

So here I am now, alternating part-time days at the grocery store as a cashier and at the orchard as a vegetable picker. Also, I have interview for an evening position as a waitress!!!

Here I am, just rockin' the temp jobs! And honestly, I love love love love it! I love my job/s, and I love working. Sure it has its sucky moments, such as when I can't find the customer's favourite brand of cigarettes on the shelf as fast as they'd like. (hellooooo do I look like I smoke? How am I supposed to know the difference between a tube and a filter and a carton and a pack and red and blue and silver and Paul Mall and John Players and Accord and 20 and 25 and king size and regular within my first few days of working?!)

Overall, what I love most about working at the grocery store is the constant interaction with people. I met a man who told me he had an autistic grandchild, I talked to a guy who had over 36 piercings all over his face and body (apparently 36 is not enough for him still!), and I LOVE my manager and co-workers. I also love the staff room, where we get comfy chairs and free food!!

God is just faithful to His promises. He knew one job wouldn't be enough for me, so he gave me a second one, and the potential for a third one! Thank you Jesus, so much for not only giving me work, but for giving me work that I love.

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