June 25, 2012

Dear Friend.

Dear friend;

You don't read my blog, so I don't think you'll ever read this...
But, I miss you.

With summer here now officially here, every new day that I live, memories of the two of us a year ago keep coming back to mind.

A year ago we were texting all the time, knowing everything about each other, and indulging in our inside jokes.

We were taking road trips, beach trips, going out to eat, trying strawberry beer (haha, that was a one time thing...), and taking millions of photos together.

A year ago we were the best of friends, and now, we don't know a thing about each other.


Please tell me this is just a growing phase and that we'll get over it in no time, coming out as better individuals, because...I miss you. And I'm willing to do anything I can to make things right again.

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