December 16, 2011

Tuna & Crackers

[This picture is dedicated to the fact that there is zero snow on the ground, and I may just be experience my first not-so-white-Christmas this year!]

I just finished writing my second exam and I feel AWESOME! Just two more tomorrow, and then two more next week and then I am officially done my first semester here!

Last night was absolutely horrendous. I woke up randomly (by the grace of God) and saw that the time on my alarm clock was flashing.

The power went out! OH NO! I have an exam tomorrow morning. Wait, is it morning? Am I supposed to be in my exam right now, writing it?? WHAT IS THE TIME?!

So there I was freaking out, in the middle of the darkness, having absolutely no sense of time. I flipped open my laptop to see that it was only 1:22. Phew! I still have tons of time before I need to wake up before my exam!

But then I fell back asleep in complete fear. What if the power goes out again? What if I miss my exam?!

Sleeping in through an exam is one of my biggest fears, as well as forgetting my money at home when I have arrived at a shopping mall. Sigh.

So in order to make sure I absolutely would not sleep in past my alarm, I trained my body to wake up every hour, or at least every half hour. Turns out the power didn't go off again, so I would have been fine.

It was a long night, but my exam went so well, once again (even if I was a bit sleep-deprived). And now all I feel like doing is watching Marley and Me while eating tuna, mayonnaise, and crackers. But alas, I need to do DOUBLE the studying today.

Caio! :)

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