December 18, 2011

Getting The Most Out Of Solitude:

When I was at Bible School in Germany, we were given a Day of Prayer; a day of total solitude from all humanity, but a day of total intimacy with our Father, Jesus Christ. These were some creative suggestions given to us to help us get the MOST out of solitude!

Pray through the prayers of scripture OUT LOUD

Pray through the prayers of scripture using the personal pronoun: I, Me, My.

Write a letter to Jesus

Recount all that God has done for you and tell that to Jesus!

Write Jesus a SONG or a POEM.

Draw a PICTURE which best captures your relationship to Christ.

Read your favourite passage of scripture out loud.

Make a list of your most pressing needs and find a promise of God to match it.

Write out what you really want at this point in your life, and share that with Jesus!

Focus on ONE created thing and describe what it teaches you about Jesus

Pray as far as your faith will take you. "Pray as you can, not as you can't!"

Read the encounters of Jesus and others, "How would I have reacted?"

Pray, "Lord, speak to me." Read scripture, and LISTEN.

Rewrite some of God's promises in your own words.

Tell Jesus what bothers you the most about Him!

Tell Jesus why you left Him out of your life at certain points.

Recount the times you wanted to impress man more than please God.

Be HONEST with God about what you fear the most and treasure the most!

Choose a Life Verse from the Bible for YOURSELF.

What would you recommend Jesus to others who don't know Him?

Meditate one ONE verse you have learned this year.

Make a memorial of all the times Jesus has revealed Himself directly to you.

❤ ❤ ❤

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