December 1, 2011


The most incredible thing happened this week! In one of the chapel's at school, the Compassion Canada team set up a booth and I knew right then and there that this was the time to do it. This was the time to finally make that decision, and yes to sponsoring a child! And I am SO excited about it!

Her name is Alma, she is ten years old and lives in Indonesia. She is absolutely so beautiful and precious. One of my best friends here at college has actually visited her own Compassion child in Ecuador and said it was the most amazing experience ever. I would love to do something like that. (But all in due time--haha) But yes, one day I would love to go to Indonesia and see the girl I have decided to sponsor.

Every month, Compassion will take $41 out of my bank account, and send it straight to where Alma lives. This money will put her through school and accommodate to her needs. Why would I want to spend $41 on buying myself clothes that I don't need and food when I'm not even hungry? Why not give it to Alma who NEEDS it?

I also found out that I don't even need to write snail mail. I met with a lady today who told me that I can just go online to the Compassion website and write letters that will be printed off and sent to Alma. How convenient and efficient!

God is so good and it's incredible how just simple letter writing and money giving from a "normal" twenty-year-old lady like me can change a person's life who lives all the way across the globe. In the video that Compassion showed us (I wish I could find the link to it right now!) the kids who were sponsored just kept emphasizing how a teenager from North America had the power to change their lives. God is compassionate, loving, and giving, and we as His people are called to live in His image. And sponsoring a child for $41 a month is a great way to GIVE!


  1. Jenni!! I'm so excited to read this! You will be changed as well. :D Not just Alma. I'm so happy for you! I'm quite excited to see my sponsor child in due time as well. <3