November 21, 2011

Papers papers papers.

Last week I had a paper due.

This week I have one paper due.
Next week I have three papers due.
And the week after that I have one paper due.

So far, I have completed 1/6 papers, and that feels good. It's an accomplishment I suppose.

The school already has full-blown Christmas decorations up which makes it 10x harder to even concentrate on writing these papers...because I'd rather be celebrating my favourite season of the year!!

Paper writing isn't all that bad. I love writing, and I love learning. My two favourite things all in one; what could be more exciting? (ha...)

Anyway, my prayer is that I'll be OK. That I won't get stressed because grades really aren't everything. My sole purpose of attending college is so that I can grow in my relationship with God and let Him lead me where He wants to.

Hopefully, I will have at least 2/6 papers done by the time I blog next. :)

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